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Why don’t people get “IT”?

Over the past 3 months, I made it my mission to ask 3 different people each day, “What is Network Marketing?”

Some days I only spoke with 1 or 2 people, whereas other days I spoke with as many as five, and the responses were wildly inconsistent.

The range of replies was shockingly diverse and yet, completely unrepresentative of our glorious profession.

Just take a look at at a few of my encounters:

Person A: “Is Network Marketing the thing that people do on Facebook?”
ME: “Tell me more – what are you referring to?”
Person A: “Like when people friend each other and comment on pictures. That is Network Marketing.”

Person B: “Oh yea, Network Marketing is that scam where you need to sell to your friends and family to make money.”
ME: “Do you know anyone in Network Marketing that has done that?”
Person B: “Hmmm, not really actually.”
ME: “Then what makes you think of that when I asked the question?”
Person B: “Now that you ask, I really don’t know.”

Person C: “Network Marketing is a pyramid scheme and all pyramid schemes always end poorly.”
ME: “Do you have any experience in Network Marketing that has led you to believe it is a pyramid scheme?”
Person C: “Well, no – I would never get involved with something like that.”
ME: “Then out of curiosity, what basis is there for this comment? Do you know someone in Network Marketing that shared this with you?”
Person C: “Actually, I don’t know anyone in Network Marketing, and I am not even sure why I feel the way that I do.”

I am completely conflicted with my thoughts

I spoke with hundreds of people over this 90 day period and as I sit here and write this post for you, I feel a sense of conflicting emotions.

There is a part of me that is bothered with people who just don’t get “IT” and what they think is so far from reality.

There is a part of me that believes if the Network Marketing profession does not come out and clearly define its stance in the world, these views will become cancerous to a profession based on the most important desire — FREEDOM.

There is also a part of me that realizes how BIG of an opportunity exists right now for every person in our industry.

With all of the confusion and negative brand equity, our profession still generates over $180 billion in retail sales a year,  we have over 100 million network marketers globally and $200 million is paid out in commissions every day.

We have accomplished something significant and 99% of the world is unaware

I don’t know if this statistic is completely accurate, but all that I do know is that after speaking with over 300 people in 90 days, there were only three that could accurately define Network Marketing and the genius behind this tool to create wealth and freedom.

Only 3 out of 300 people were able to share why Network Marketing is the most ethical business model because it is the only way that someone can be compensated fairly based on the amount of effort they exert!

We can point a finger of blame, but there are three directed right back at us

It is easy to blame a few careless Network Marketing companies that tainted the industry’s reputation.

It is easy to say the FTC is too strict and is looking for the Network Marketing industry to fail.

It is easy to say that the world just does not understand what it takes to rise from mediocrity and take control of their destiny.

But when we point one finger at all of the problems, there are three more pointing back at us and it is our responsibility to make Network Marketing known, for the right reasons.

It is our responsibility to make Network Marketing understood, so people pursue it with vigor.

It is our responsibility to take our profession to a place that it has never gone before, because we already GET IT, and now it is time to SHARE IT.

This way, 1 year from now, 5 years from now, and even 100 years from now, we are billions of people strong and everyone involved is experiencing their definition of FREEDOM.

But this will only happen if one thing takes place…

We must UNITE

This is the key to our breakthrough.
This is the holy grail to reach the next level.
This is the disruption that our profession needs in order to reach our potential.

And guess what?

The responsibility is in your hands,
in the hands of every member on your team,
and in the hands of every person in Network Marketing.

From the executives, to the distributors, to the leaders, to the trainers — everyone is responsible for the UNITY that must take place.

We must unite!
Regardless of company.
Regardless of product.

We must unite because we are all the same.

We are Network Marketing Professionals!

This is happening, but it must happen MORE

There are a handful of leaders who have already recognized this…

Art Jonak and the world renowned Mastermind Event with thousands of Network Marketing Professionals across tons of companies.

Eric Worre and the earth shattering GoPro event with over 15,000 people from our profession across dozens and dozens of companies.

Trainers like Todd FalconeRay HigdonDale Calvert (to name a few) who support Network Marketers regardless of company and teach them who they need to be and what they need to do in order to achieve wild levels of success.

This is an example of what it means to remove the fragmentation in our industry, get rid of the ego associated with who has better products or which compensation plan is stronger, and instead focus on creating a united voice for the entire profession of Network Marketing.

And it starts with YOU

Far too many Network Marketers try to overcompensate for their own insecurities with what they think the world perceives them as with inflated facts about what is possible and ridiculous remarks about their lifestyle.

Each time YOU do this, you are validating the doubt and confusion that already exists in the world when people think about Network Marketing.

They think about someone driving a Bentley across a stage and saying, “Look at me.”
They think about someone turning off all of their friends with their ineffective persistence.
They think about someone working really hard to accomplish success, just to have their company fall apart.

The only reason why people think this way is because most Network Marketers are missing the most important thing you should be sharing.

People don’t care about the bling, the luxuries, and the overly lavish lifestyle. What really connects with them is WHY are you even doing this in the first place.

You need to educate people because right now they simply DON’T GET “IT.”

Remember what I mentioned in the beginning of this post — I spoke with over 300 people and only 1% of them actually were aware of the truth about Network Marketing.

But this can change and here is my plan for you…

The Plan

Network Marketers who have cracked the code to success need to share what they are doing with their kind (aka other Network Marketers) regardless of product and regardless of company.

What strategies are working for you?

  • Live Events
  • Seminars for College Students
  • Interactive workshops
  • Sampling Products
  • Webinars
  • Social Media
  • Autoresponder sequences for new business builders
  • Automated training for existing business builders
  • Holiday Challenges
  • Conferences

Hoarding proven strategies means they are developed in an insulated environment and they will never evolve which always leads to death.

The Network Marketing Profession must begin to collaborate, share what works, iterate off of existing strategies, improve what is becoming obsolete, create new ways to reach people, develop innovative ideas as a group, and ultimately become UNITED.


We exist to unite 1 million Network Marketing Professionals so that – together – we can help create FREEDOM for 1 billion people from around the world.

We accomplish this by crowdsourcing proven and compliant business growth strategies from people in our industry who have “cracked the code.”

Once we get ideas that have been validated, our team builds them so they reach a level of professionalism that has never been achieved in the past from the standpoint of comprehensiveness, design quality, and educational copy. Once completed, all these strategies become available for you to use to grow your business.

With literally one click of a button you are able to replicate, automate, and personalize any of these strategies so that you can leverage the united force of the entire Network Marketing Profession.

This is a HUGE opportunity for YOU!

This is a big deal because finally Network Marketers will not be operating in a silo with a limited view trying to figure out what it takes to grow their business on an island by themselves.

Together, our efforts will create an extraordinary synergy to UNITE Network Marketing and allow our profession to become 100X more powerful.

By uniting our forces and using proven and replicable strategies, we will remove all guesswork leading to a profession that will never be the same — and all of this will happen in 2016!!!

This is the year when we turn the corner.
This is the year when we are taken seriously.
This is the year when people finally get it.
This is the year when we become united.
This is the year when our impact will be felt by 1 billion people from around the world!

I am excited

The reason I am excited is because I intend to ask another 300 people at the end of 2016, “What is Network Marketing?”

I have a strong expectation that the 1% who “GOT IT” when I originally asked the question is going to increase dramatically.

The many is more powerful than the few – always and forever – and it is our time to unite so that together we can achieve more.