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Since 1985, MLMIA has developed and expanded its membership benefits and services to accommodate the increased sophistication, professionalism and diversity of the network marketing industry. Extensive efforts have been made to support the varied interests and needs of Corporate, Support and Distributor Members with a host of tangible and intangible membership privileges. As MLMIA Worldwide grows many of those benefits will be available to all members while some will be available in specific countries. Those intangible benefits sometimes depend on the numbers in a specific area. However, all Members can be assured that their Association will continue to accommodate everyone wherever and whenever it is possible.  All Member Benefits are listed under the specific Membership categories (Corporate, Support, Distributor) below ... just click on the proper category and you will find many benefits specific to that category.  Additionally, we offer many benefits through our newsletters that are available for a limited time only and our members may offer special benefits through Connecting Point (our newsletter).  Members are always encouraged to recommend any new benefits that could be helpful to a majority of our members.

To all in the Network Marketing, MLM and Direct Sales world we offer:

  1. Free Teleconferencing through our special portal.
  2. Free Newsletter by signing up on Home page.
  3. Free Tele-Classes with outstanding Speakers & Trainers (weekly) by signing up on Home page.
  4. Others by calling the office.

MLMIA is committed to fostering educational programs with accredited universities and colleges in the faculties of selling, marketing and entrepreneurialism.


MLMIA keeps Members informed of events and trends in the network marketing profession. Referred to as the "central information source"of the industry, MLMIA empowers and connects a worldwide network of people and businesses through its regular information sharing programs. Members can request data on legal issues, marketing challenges and more through Members Only at LOGIN on the web site. Although our newsletter, Connecting Point, is available to all who request it, there are specific newsletters for Members Only.  MLMIA'sauthoritative Internet newsletter, contains essential industry data, referral information, membership updates and input from leading industry experts.  Our Tuesday Nite TeleClasses are one of the industries best resources for listening and studying.