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On December 10, 2015, we held our third annual SYNROOM which is an all-day team immersion where we lay a foundation for the upcoming year. This is a hallmark of the year and everyone looks forward to the experience. In addition, the team comes prepared so that they can contribute at a very high level.

As our team develops and grows and the company refines its vision, every SYNROOM becomes greater and more unique than the last.

Our most recent SYNROOM was extremely exciting because 2016 will be a point of demarcation for SYNDUIT as we are officially launching a proven, compliant, and easy to implement business growth system built by Network Marketing Professionals for Network Marketing Professionals. You can already participate by to vote for and/or submit successful strategies.

Hosting a SYNROOM is something that I have encouraged Network Marketing Professionals to implement for years because the benefits are tangible:

  • Crystal clear vision for your team
  • Agreed upon core values that people represent in all areas of their lives
  • Objective goals that are waiting to be demolished
  • Love, respect, and support for one another because everyone wins when the collective wins
  • 12 Month Business Growth Plan that accelerates the success of your organization
  • Build a culture where personal responsibility resides at the foundation

I know what you are thinking…

I understand your organizations are often extremely large and dispersed.

I understand that the people within your organizations range in commitment level.

I understand that your time is limited.

And I also understand that most teams struggle with retention, compliance, and replicability.

This is why hosting an annual SYNROOM is the most important day of the year for Network Marketing Professionals because it becomes an essential ingredient for the success of your team.

Let me address your concerns once and for all

Like I mentioned above, I can empathize with your immediate reaction to hosting a SYNROOM. It seems difficult because your team might be fragmented, many people might be non-committal and your time is limited, but my goal is to put your mind at ease with the following thoughts:

  1. Large and dispersed organizations are divided and people often get lost, but when you host a SYNROOM, it will create a new language for people to use, it will create a plan for people to act on, and it will create a shared vision where everyone can contribute.
  2. Commitment in the Network Marketing Profession is often the biggest challenge because when people get started, they struggle to build momentum resulting in disengagement. If you host a SYNROOM, (Download the SYNROOM BLUEPRINT for Network Marketing Professionals), I guarantee that a large percentage of your “inactive” team will recommit because they will feel like they are part of an organization that has a foundation for growth and prosperity.
  3. The most effective way to create time is by having a replicable plan of action and a system for your entire team to implement and follow. The byproducts of a SYNROOM are less moving pieces, more structure, and a team that is ready to take ownership of their success. All of which will create more time for you and everyone involved.



You can even do this virtually and with large teams

While a face-to-face SYNROOM tends to have less distractions, a virtual SYNROOM can also be highly effective. I have had many entrepreneurs with dispersed teams use Google Hangout or Zoom to host their SYNROOM and the outcome has always been extraordinary.

One of the challenges with being part of a team that does not share a homebase is that people often feel like they are trying to change the world on an island by themselves. When you create an environment where collaboration is possible (and a plan is constructed for everyone to follow), you will notice a different level of team unity and support.

If your team is extremely large (such as a team comprised of thousands), then we recommend hosting a SYNROOM with the top 5-10 team members and going through the blueprint together. Once you’ve completed this project, conduct a virtual SYNROOM for your entire organization where you share what emerged from the initial meeting.

This will be inspiring for everyone because of the level of transparency you demonstrate and the structure that will manifest as a result of this experience.

For those ready to take action!

I suppose hosting a SYNROOM is not for the faint of heart because it does require preparation.

But for any Network Marketing Professional who is serious about growing their business, has the desire to create a more significant impact, and is motivated to catalyze FREEDOM for everyone in their lives – you really have no choice – you need a SYNROOM!

We have decided to make this easy for you because for the first time ever we will reveal our SYNROOM BLUEPRINT for Network Marketing Professionals.

This resource is our gift to you and the only thing we ask for in return is that you take this experience very seriously. This resource represents hundreds of hours of preparation and execution and it is our honor to share it with you for FREE.

Click Here to Download

Here are some success tips for you SYNROOM

Although the very act of hosting a SYNROOM will prove to be enormously successful for your business, there are a few things to keep in mind as you begin the planning process.

1.) Where will you host your SYNROOM?

Like I mentioned before, face-to-face is ideal, and if you can pull this off then rock it! This might mean meeting on an island, inviting people to your home, taking a cruise, etc., and if you can find a way to be together it is in your best interest. On the other hand, if a virtual SYNROOM is your only option, no worries at all, simply send around the SYNROOM BLUEPRINT for Network Marketing Professionals to your entire team one week prior to the online event so that everyone can be prepared.

2.) Who should speak at your SYNROOM?

If your team is larger than 10 people, which it most likely is, then it is in your best interest to complete theSYNROOM BLUEPRINT for Network Marketing Professionals with your key players. This should consist of your top 5-10 earners on your team. Once you complete your SYNROOM, schedule a live webinar for your entire organization and share what took place, while always leaving time for a live Q&A.

3.) What is the structure for the SYNROOM?

When you download the SYNROOM BLUEPRINT for Network Marketing Professionals, you will see the recommended agenda for the day. We encourage you to follow this as closely as you possibly can because this is time-tested and it has helped thousands of entrepreneurs from around the world. In addition, the structure is based on what we refer to as Engaging People on an Emolectual Level, where you combine both emotion and intellect. You will accomplish this by organizing your day into five distinct categories – WHY – HOW – WHAT – WHO – WHY. (Once you’ve read the SYNROOM BLUEPRINT for Network Marketing Professionals, you will completely understand what I am referring to.)

4.) How long should my SYNROOM last?

It should last for as long as it is meant to last, but on average it will take between 6-8 hours to really lay the foundation for your success as a team. You want to make sure that breaks are structured into the day and have a vast array of healthy snacks and beverages to keep the energy high.

5.) How do I get people excited?

Inside of the SYNROOM BLUEPRINT for Network Marketing Professionals, we have included an email template for you to use which will lay a foundation of expectation for your team. Although this resource will save you time, it is imperative to recognize that  people will match your energy, so if you are fired up, then you better believe they will share your enthusiasm.

Our 2015 SYNROOM was EPIC

I must admit that each year our SYNROOM reaches an entirely new level of impact. I find that my team comes more prepared and more engaged, and we walk away with more of a plan than the previous year. I am a huge advocate of taking repetitive actions that build upon one another and our annual SYNROOM epitomizes this belief. During our most recent SYNROOM, we made some serious declarations for 2016 that the entire team is pretty fired up about as the impact we will have in the Network Marketing Profession will be felt by everyone. As you probably already know, our company mission is to unite 1 million Network Marketing Professionals so that – together – we can create FREEDOM for 1 billion people from around the world by 2020. In addition, our moonshot vision is to have a Network Marketer in every home by 2025. We are clear on our end game, but the goal of the SYNROOM is not to live only in vision, but also create plan of execution for the upcoming year. Therefore, our Wildly Important Goal (WIG) (the primary focus on our entire organization) is to have 100,000 Networker Marketing Professionals in our tribe by December 31, 2016. The reason I know with certainty that we will meet, and most likely exceed, our WIG is because everyone is playing their role to ensure this outcome.

Imagine what will happen when your entire team has a singular focus

I hope that you realize the power of hosting an annual SYNROOM as what will transpire is a singular focus on one outcome. Whether your singular focus is to promote 100 people to ambassador level in 2016, to take your top 20% on a cruise around the Caribbean, to create $10 million+ sales each month, or anything else that comes to mind, when this is clearly communicated and then a plan of execution is constructed based on your singular focus, you will see that your team will take personal responsibility to bring this goal to life. Once again, this is not for the faint of heart, but since you are a Network Marketing Professional, we know you can handle it! Make sure to download the SYNROOM BLUEPRINT for Network Marketing Professionals so that you can implement our proven framework.