The Four Proper "Ps" for a Distributor's Success in Network Marketing


If your Distributors will master the four Proper Ps of Network Marketing they can create any amount of income they desire. These Proper Ps are critical and must be used synergistically because they all are an integral part of creating big income in their MLM business. They must ALL be done simultaneously and they must be done well. If any one of the Ps is left out the results will be mediocre at best and more than likely failure will be the end result and the Distributor will move to the next program hoping it will be the one that will “work” for them.

The first one is Proper Perspective.  To make serious money in Network Marketing your Distributors must have, or acquire, the Proper Perspective about several things. Here is a list of the more important ones:

  1. Network Marketing is a great business that provides a way to generate more income per dollar per hour invested than any other business out there.  It is here to stay and anyone who says otherwise to both of those statements is just ignorant of the facts.
  2. They are in the business to make money from a large, successful downline that is both using or consuming the products and building an organization of people doing both as well. That is simply a fact and perfectly acceptable. They must learn right up front that they are not to run their business as a not-for-profit charity designed to “help” everyone with whatever the products do. Helping a lot of customers by getting them on the products for the benefits the products provide is important, for sure, but that is just one of the parts of the business. It is not the part that makes the Distributor a large check.
  3. In order to create serious income, their main job must be to create a distribution force to help them move and sell products that they love and believe in to the World.  They need to realize that they can’t move enough volume by themselves to earn a big income so they are going to enlist the help of others to help them do that.  They must tell the prospect that all Distributors who do the work needed will be paid very well, by the company, when they do the minimum business to qualify to receive checks.
  4. That the secret to making money in Network Marketing is having the ability to build an organization of people who are doing three things; 1) Using the products, 2) Retailing the products and 3) Building a downline organization of people doing only these #3 things will make them the money they want and expected when they signed up.  
  5. That loving the products and being able to share their benefits confidently is not the way to wealth in Network Marketing. It is a part of it but not the most important part. Building a large downline is.
  6. They must be confident and believe that you are worth listening to about the business as well as the products.
  7. It does not take a check from the company to give them credibility about the opportunity – even if they have been in the business for several years and don’t have a great track record – yet.  Confidence and credibility about themselves and the business comes from within. If those are there then the checks will come.  If they are not there they will move on and sell product and not make the big money.
  8. The Distributor or his/her prospects do not have to experience every benefit a product can provide before they can confidently talk about the business and products. (As a male, I have never had PMS or migraine headaches but I could certainly, with total confidence, present products that could help with those things. Same with the income side of their business).
  9. They don’t need to be a nutritionist, health or product expert or know everything there is to know about technology services to make money in Network Marketing. They need to be a business minded person who can see the benefits of what they are selling and talk confidently about the benefits, benefits, and benefits — of both the products and the business.
  10. There is no “easy way” to do Network Marketing.  It is hard work, time and some money. It also takes certain skills that they must have already or acquire. Network Marketing takes a lot of time on a steady basis and some money.
  11. Their upline is not the reason they will be successful. Their job is to find the Distributor and shorten his or her learning curve. The rest is up to them. They are to become an “Independent Distributor” as soon as possible (2 to 4 weeks) otherwise they are destined to earn small checks. Too many people are dependant, non-Distributors.  Basically they are happy users of products and become professional meeting attendees, neither of which generates much, if any, income let alone large checks.


The second Proper P is Proper Prospecting. Not just theirs but educating the new Distributors as well. When a new Distributor signs up, assuming they are interested in making money, they should be including in their purchase of products a Distributor kit if you have one and go on autoship. But that is not where the money is for them. They also need powerful, attention getting, prospecting tools for them to successfully interest all their warm and cold market in the business – not just the products. These tools should not only allow new Distributors to start successfully prospecting immediately but also make it clear that that is where the money is.  

The third is Proper Presentation.  You must find out what you prospects Core Desires are and show them how your company and products can give them those things. You must come across confidently and excited about the future you and they can have if they participate with you. As part of that proper presentation, always dress and look sharp.

The fourth is Persistence. You must be willing to do whatever it takes for as long as it takes or you may give up too soon.  This kind of persistence is automatic only IF what you’re persisting in is a Core Desire. This perspective about persistence needs to be taught and instilled in your brand new Distributor from day one.  So many people give up before they learn how to be successful. The failures and challenges that are inherent in Network Marketing cause them to get discouraged so they back off, slow down and then quit.

John Taylor, a religious leader of one of the largest churches in the world, said this about persistence: “That which we persist in doing becomes easier to do. Not that the nature of the thing has changed but that our ability to do has increased.”  I add to that this can be a very short learning curve if it is something you really want with all your heart and you find a mentor to teach you.

By using these four Proper Ps as your guide from now on and teaching them to your organization, you will experience the joy of a $ucce$$ful Network Marketing Distributorship.

Jack M. Zufelt is an internationally know speaker and trainer and the author of the #1 best selling book, The DNA of Success, which is translated into 8 languages.  He has built a downline of over 50,000 Distributors and earned as much as $80,000 a month so what he teaches is not theory. Click on his website under the Support Members section!