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event-buttonComments about our Convention & Expo

Susan and I want to extend our heartfelt thanks for a wonderful weekend with you and the entire MLMIA organization.  With the amount of knowledge that we were able to gather at the conference this weekend, we have no words to express our appreciation to be a part of a wonderful organization like MLMIA.  We hope to be able to apply and implement most, if not all, of the information we have acquired this weekend in our business operations.
Butch Apeles,
President and General Manager
Infinity International Health and Beauty, Inc.

I wish I could properly express the gratitude to you and your organization for allowing me the opportunity to be a part of the MLMIA. I must share, that when Doris first spoke with me, I was quite happy to be exposed to so many that we want to do business with. I couldn't wait to get there and be exposed to a group of people that we seek everyday to use our service. However, once there I was able to see the true purpose of the group and the true motivating factors for those in attendance. The open sharing of ideas - what works and what doesn't, open sharing of emerging ideas and philosophies on network marketing, sales, personal development. And most of all the personal relationships gained from having common goals and interests - for so many of those in attendance gave of themselves to me personally. I truly left San Diego better than when I arrived. Meeting and sharing with so many people that you strive to be more like, is a great feeling for anyone. For me it was a kick in the pants to remember some very important elements to achieving success as an individual and for my own organization. The free flowing of ideas gave me great insight on how our organization can affect the outcomes of our clients - present and future. For this, I must thank you. You and the others leading the MLMIA are so greatly appreciated. Thanks much!
Spencer Howerton

JBA Network, Inc
Thank you for your hospitality, friendship and support in welcoming my company and myself into the group.  This was the first year that we attended the annual conference. We are excited about contributing in every way we can to the ongoing development and growth of the MLMIA and its members. Congrats on a great event this year.
Lenny Crotty


"As a new support vendor attending the MLMIA for the first time, I was shocked! Shocked by the location of the event, shocked by the professionals in attendance, shocked by the food that was served! It was PERFECT!! Allow me to explain, the location was aboard the Queen Mary in Long Beach, CA, with all its original luster and mystique. The professionals in attendance were industry veterans with real world experience eager to listen, educate and motivate. The food was amazing, with a special treat to top of everything...your favorite flavor milk shake from the ship's ice cream parlor! It felt as though I was attending a family reunion and everyone was cheerful and delighted to see one another. Ok, from the outside in you might say, hmmm not that many people here‚Äö But, when you have the opportunity to meet everyone at the conference and discuss your mission along with some new ideas it really makes for a meaningful event. Yea, I know were in an  industry that revolves around numbers, but I wouldn't have changed anything from my perspective. The MLMIA Conference - small but MIGHTY! See you next time."

"Thank you for a wonderful Conference! My friend and I talked about it the whole way home!"

"Wanted to thank you for all your hard work to arrange the MLMIA conference last week! As a first time attendee I thought it was great!!"

"I wanted to thank you so much for the exposure that you provided my support company during the MLMIA Conference.  You truly have an amazing organization and I'm looking forward to working with you all going forward."