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Unhypnosis for Direct Sellers, Network Marketers, and Entrepreneurs [CD]

Start over from wherever you are and recreate your ideal life.
Reverse hypnotic programming in jobs and relationships.
Set and achieve exciting goals.
Clarify your thinking and discover your true purpose.
Become more calm, relaxed, and confidant.
Guarantee enthusiastic support and cooperation.
Deal with difficult people
Integrate your spiritual path into your day-to-day life.
Retail Price: $69.00
Author: Taubman, Steve

This is a must for anyone who wants to finally break through persistent mental barriers to success!   This powerful subconscious reprogramming CD helps you: 

Remove negative programming that stops you

Release fear and anxiety about calling, inviting, and presenting

Create a climate of enjoyment and optimism in your business

Provide you with secret success messages from top leaders

Inject winners mentality deep into your subconscious mind

Prevent backsliding, discouragement, overwhelm and defeat

Turn you into a Powerhouse Performer


Listen to this remarkable, unique tool daily for just 21 days and completely reprogram your mind for success!  This scientific system, using hypnosis, NLP, EFT, and mindfulness techniques will help you become the person you want…and need to be in order to take powerful and meaningful action.


How FAST would you build your downline if you had the same mindset as MLM millionaires?  Through the latest advances in brain science you can finally gain the attitudes, attributes and habits of top industry leaders!


You know that it’s your mind that creates your success or lack thereof.  You know which thoughts and behaviors would produce your best results.  But you haven’t absorbed those thoughts and behaviors deeply enough to make a difference…UNTIL NOW!