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MLMIA 2015
Distributor Alliance Conference

For All Independent Contractors in MLM, 
Network Marketing and Direct Sales or Home Based Business!


Network Marketing or MLM is an exciting industry where independent distributors have the opportunity to earn unlimited income. All it takes is your desire to succeed and the motivation to achieve your dreams and goals! In addition, there are no requirements to participate, no college degrees, no compliance requirements, no testing, and no licensing fees.

Network Marketing and MLM business owners traditionally operate in a 'home-based' environment where you can truly be your own boss, work the hours you want, never have to commute, and no office politics. You are free to operate your business the way you want. As an independent distributor, you call the shots and can have as much or as little communication with Corporate or with other distributors as you feel necessary to build your business. As long as you operate your business ethically, you will never be bothered by corporate or industry regulators.

It goes without saying that, in addition to your motivation, communications and online skills, education is a critical component of your success. Whether you are testing the 'MLM waters' for the first time or a seasoned Network Marketing distributor, opportunities abound both within your company as well as online to access all the training you need to become a top-earner in your company. And that's where the MLMIA comes to your aid. We're here to support you in achieving all of your dreams and goals! We invite and encourage you to attend the 2015 MLMIA Distributor Alliance Conference where you'll learn from industry founders, consultants and experts.

Distributor Alliance Conference

September 19th, 2015

Hilton Garden Inn at Irvine, CA

We invite you to the 2015 MLMIA Distributor Alliance Conference
where you'll learn from the "Best of the Best" and receive over $50 in value
from our Marketplace plus meet many interesting and exciting people and possibly make like long friendships.

Conference Topics

What's Legal

How to Recruit Top Producers

Party Plan vs. MLM 

Distributor Bill of Rights

The Difference between Company and Distributor Roles

Industry Standards, Policies and Procedures

Tax Advantages for Beginners and Experts

How to Protect Yourself Regarding Issues Related to Supplements, 

Health, and Human Rights

Leadership Training for Field Trainers and Leaders


What can I expect from this conference?

Learn from Top Leading Industry Experts about
How to GROW a Successful Distributorship

Why do I want to invest in this conference?

Receive Extra Special Knowledge and Success Strategies,
Share Your Own Experience, and Meet the Industry Experts!



Peter Mingils, Doris Wood, and MANY MORE!