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"New Beginnings"

For New Start-ups and All Existing MLM,
Network Marketing and Direct Sales Companies!

Event Date and Location

September 17th - 18th 2015
Hilton Garden Inn at Irvine, CA

Conference Topics

• MLM-Direct Sales 101
• What's Legal?
• How much do we need? (Funding and raising capital.)
• Compensation Pan design
• How not to select a MLM software company
• How not to be abused by merchant account providers
• Compliance (Labels, Corporate, Distributor)
• How to save money on product fulfillment
• International expansion
• Social Media
• How to Recruit Top Producers
• Party Plan vs. MLM


What can I expect from this conference?

Learn from Top Leading Industry Experts about How to...


a Successful MLM, Network Marketing or Direct Sales Company

Why do I want to invest in this conference?

Receive Critial Knowledge and Success Strategies,
Share Your Experience and Meet the Industry Experts!



Ray Pasinli, Thomas Leffler, Doris Wood, and MANY MORE!