1.                        Peter Mingils & Doris Wood - history of MLM and what the shows will be about
  2.                                Peter Mingils & Doris Wood - what to look for when choosing an MLM company 
  3.                                 Len Clemments - winners of the TAMM awards - discussing more about choosing  best MLM company for you 
  4.                     Nobel Drakoln - social media that few people knew about.  He'll be back!   
  5.                                Don Dedo - interesting tid bits about different social medias way of reaching a large segment of the our profession

  6.                                 Rey Pesinli - outstanding advisor to over 15,000 tells Corporate, Support and Distributors how to do more and receive more help with credit cards   

     George Madiou - with much info about the industry: editor, publisher of Network  Marketing News
  8."                           Michael Medcaff - outstanding ... how to use cell phones with no hands



"The Professional Association for Network Marketing, Worldwide"



For nearly 30 years MLMIA has been a major force in defining the ethics, legalities and opportunities in Network Marketing. MLMIA has developed, facilitated and nurtured strong relationships between the industry and outside influences that affect its operations, including regulatory agencies, company management, software developers,  educators, the press and the general public.

MLMIA is recognized as the leading source of unbiased Network Marketing industry data and information by numerous industry, business and general publications, including:

  • Moneyplacement
  • Venture
  • Income Opportunity
  • Business Start-Ups
  • Entrepreneur
  • Working Woman
  • GQ (originally Gentlemen's Quarterly)
  • Success
  • Prestigious newspapers around the world, including The London Times, The LA Times, the OC Register and several Asian papers.
  • Network Marketing Business Journal.




 It is,

  • If you are in any way involved in Network Marketing, Multi-Level Marketing, MLM or Direct Sales
  • If you are an owner of any of the above, a corporate team member, a Distributor or sell to any of the above.
  • If you want an established, time-tested Association to draw upon
  • If you want to be heard within the industry
  • If you want an organization that is managed by highly experienced and successful professional Networkers, who represent YOU
  • If you want focused effort on the protection, support and promotion of your individual opportunities and entrepreneurial aspects of your profession
  • If you want to have tools for constructive change, to help build your business
  • If you may want to serve on the Board of Directors of MLMIA


  • check Corporate 
  •            for Direct Sales/Multi-Level/Network Marketing Companies
  • check Support 
  •            for suppliers that sell products/services to Companies & Distributors
  • check Individual/Distributor  
  •            for Direct Sales/Multi-Level Marketing/Network Marketing Companies Independent Contractors   


MLMIA has an active International Board of Directors comprised of a balanced cross-section of Corporate, Support and Distributor Members from around the world whose collaboration guarantees all functions of the Network Marketing mix are represented and supported. In addition, associations established because of the US MLMIA including: Canada, England, Malaysia, Japan, Singapore, Bangladesh, India and Vietnam are considered "Sister Association" joined to us.  Several may have their own Boards and are a part of MLMIA's continued international expansion efforts.





If you don't see what you want, contact us and we will see if we can help!






Collectively, they are the best. The Board has always been totally unique. We guarantee there isn't another group like it anywhere in the world. From 1985 until 1991, MLMIA could have 50 Board Members from equal parts of the country (plus at times one from Canada, England, Australia and New Zealand) with equal representation in each category. And represent they did. At times there have been companies where the Presidents became closest friends with their biggest rivals. There have been 4 attorneys on the board at the same time, three data processing companies, Distributors from different companies that helped each other in many ways, all sharing their love of the industry, respecting the differences. During the years, some members who served on the Board changed direction. Distributors became Corporate executives, Corporate became Support and Support became both. As of November 2010 over 85% remain in the industry. Thanks for serving with distinction!



Robert Levene, JD, 1985
Doris Wood, 1986 - 1996 (CEO)
Gene Scott, 1996 - 1998 (called President)
Doris Wood, 1998 - 2001 (CEO)
Mike Lewis, 2000 - 2001
Doris Wood,  2001 - 2004 (CEO)
Del Hickman, 2004 -2011
Doris Wood, 2012



(President holds gavel)

Doris Wood, 1985 - 1996
Became President Emeritus
 J.F. Robert Bolduc, Chairman 1990 - 1994
 Michael Sheffield, Chairman 1996 - 1998
Michael Sheffield & Doris Wood - Co Chair 1998 - 2003
Michael Sheffield became Chairman Emeritus
Doris Wood, Chairman - Current
Ed Jarrin, President  2005 - 2006
Ron Williams, President  2007 - 2008

Ted Silverberg, President  2008 - 2009

Doris Wood, 2010 - Current




Jim Adams
Will Allan
Eugene Argent
Greg Arnold
Jeffery Babener, Attorney*
Debbi Ballard
J.F.Robert Bolduc
Richard Brooke
Linda Bruno*
Robert Butwin*
Roberta Budviltas, New Zealand
Tom Chenault
Len Clements
Ed Clemmons, Attorney*
Tony Connuli
Hal Culbertson
Marcie Cook
Ian Cordell
Kerry Daigle
Richard Dean, Japan
Rick deNeff
Tim Dern
Barry Donalson
Bob Edwards
Jim Edwards
Ted Elias
Eric Fagan
Don Failla
Daren Falter
Greg Fink
Dr. Dan Ford
Matt Freeze
Katherine Glover
John Grant, Australia
Ray Grimm, Jr.*








Ute Goldkuhle
John Hail
Everett Hale
Gary Haiser
Del Hickman*
John Hollon*
Ed Hoyt, Jr.

George Horioka
Ed Jarrin
Dan Jensen*
Kate Johnston
Clifton Jolly, Ph.D.
Tom Justin
John Kalench
Alan Kennedy
Keith Laggos, PhD.*
Carrol Leclerc. Canada*

Thomas Leffler
Carroll Lewis*
Mike Lewis, England*
Patrick Liew, Singapore

Michael Linden
Susanne Lipmann
Charles Looney
Scott Lucy, England
Tom Lupo
Dayle Maloney
Maureen Manos
Dylan Marer
Linda Marshall
Jackie Martin Ph.D.
Gerald McCarthy

Solomon McCluster

Mike McDonald
Pat McGaffey
Holly McKinney










Tom McVey
 Jim Menning
Jana Mitcham
Gerry Nehra, Attorney
Greg Phelps
Paul Pichannti
Wm. Plikaitis
Dennis Polar
Ken Pontious*

Judy Robinson
Marge Robinson
Simi Saadalla, PhD, England
Gini Graham Scott, PhD, JD
Michael Sheffield*
Germit Sidhu, Malaysia
Eileen Silva
Ted Silverberg
D. Jack Smith, Attorney*
David Stech
Doug Sternberg
David Stewart
Carolyn Tarr
Tim Taylor
Christ Theodor, Attorney*
Bob Toppo
Lewis Tucker
Randy Ward
Alf White
Dr. Bob Williams
Ron Williams
Doris Wood*
Frank Vandersloot
Mark Yarnell










Those marked with an * served 10 years or more 







According to the Bylaws, each category (Corporate - Support - Distributor)

may have a total of ten (10) votes regardless of the number sitting on the Board in that category. 

Officers of MLMIA


Doris Wood, Chairperson

Doris Wood, President Emeritus


Linda Bruno, Secretary
Linda Bruno was a successful distributor before joining NMBJ where she has risen to VP of Operations. She has written many articles and has spoken throughout the world on mlm and as M of C  for various mlm seminars, including "Successful Women in Network Marketing". Linda (since 1980) has her own alternative health care practice, and has been an instructor for Health Industries. She is certified in other alternative health fields. In 2007 Linda was awarded the MLMIA Hall of Fame and Best of the Best in 2011. In October 2009, Direct Selling's Power 50 announced Linda as one of the 50 most powerful, influential, people in network marketing worldwide and she was named to Women of Power - The Power 30.



Margie Day

Margie has been a part of Network Marketing for well over two decades. In July 1995, Margie juggled being a single mother of three children with starting her own business. For many years her products were shared by Margie teaching skin care and nutritional workshops in churches and chiropractic clinics in the Tulsa, Oklahoma area. During those years motherhood and entrepreneurship merged into one flowing entity as her family provided the encouragement she needed to take the business to the next level.The message that Margie began by teaching her children has become the anthem of her business. Whether she is working with doctors, a group of patients or her extensive group of Distributors, Margie’s desire is for people to become all that God has called them to be by living a healthier and radiant life. Margie has not only founded a successful business but kept informed in the ever-changing field of all areas of health. She worked with cosmetic Dermatologist, Plastic and Maxillofacial Surgeons. She traveled extensively throughout the U.S. serving products and knowledge. In 1999, Margie earned her degree (N.D.) in Naturopathic Medicine. She also graduated from Bible College in 2004 because her desire is not just to succeed in business but also to increase her ministry to women. Her company offers skin care and nutritional products and has remained a debt-free business and along the way.

Mark Hackman

Mark Hackman

Mark has decades of public speaking and training experience, including in the military, corporate and legal environment, and Network Marketing, where his experience includes roles as Distributor, Trainer & Speaker, Author, Consultant and two-time MLM company owner and executive. He has authored 100s of training/inspirational newsletters read by 1000s of Distributors in over 20 countries. Mark's passions include designing compensation plans and developing systems-based training materials that afford the greatest possible opportunity for every Distributor to create the most success possible, in the least amount of time necessary, in an ethical, mutually supportive team-building environment. Mark's personal mission is to unite with like-minded Network Marketing entrepreneurs to awaken the world to the greatness of the MLM/Direct Sales industry as the foundation of the emerging global economic renaissance.



Tom Leffler (VP of MLMIA Support Board) 

Having majored in Business and Marketing while attaining a Bachelor of Science degree from Carthage College, Thomas then received his MBA from Cardinal Stritch University.  After working for two Fortune 500 companies, he proceeded to develop and grow several multi-million entrepreneurial companies. His MLM experience includes being a Distributer, VP of Sales & Marketing for a software company, Consultant, and President of two MLM companies. Thomas has served on the Board of Directors for many corporate and non-profit organizations.  He is well known as a hard worker with the determination to accomplish tasks with creative imaginative solutions.  His in-depth knowledge of the MLM industry makes him a sought after speaker and lecturer. 


Linda Bruno (see info above as Officer)





Katherine Glover

Nicole Kikoski Maio

Nicole Kikoski Maio received her Bachelor of Arts degree with Departmental Honors from Wesleyan University. Nicole lives in Chicago with her family and she has 20 years of international business development experience with innovative technology companies, including over a decade in international payments. Nicole leads Payoneer's Direct sales, MLM and Network marketing business practice. She is responsible for initiating Payoneer's entry into the APAC market. Previously Nicole launched the prepaid card industry's leading conference, the Prepaid Card Expo and Paybefore trade publications. Nicole was Director of Business Development at TSYS Prepaid, where she developed MasterCard and Visa prepaid business solutions for Fortune 500 clients. Nicole consults with many companies within the industry about their international payment strategy.


Solomon McCluster
Solomon has over 19 years experience in the direct selling industry in both building organizations as a distributor and as a company owner. He is a seasoned industry expert with a unique skill set enabling him to tackle the complex requirements of today’s clients. His expert knowledge of the software tools, operations, and marketing strategies helps guide his clients to success. His accolades include being named Best of the Best by the MLMIA in 2010 and One of Direct Selling Live's Power 50 in 2009.








Robert Butwin

Robert Butwin is a MLM consultant, author, columnist, seminar leader and respected trainer in the network marketing field. Over the past 27 years he has been associated with several MLM companies, and currently concentrates his activities in the areas of writing, consulting, conducting seminars and training. Butwin helps companies grow their networks and is active in a leadership role with several organizations, including the MLMIA. In 2009 he was honored to be inducted into the MLMIA Hall of Fame.  


Mark Eldridge


Mark Eldridge

Mark is all heart, helping people find the greatness within though our incredible MLM industry. With 22 years experience in MLM, he has also owned several multi-million dollar businesses including Co-Founder/Chairman of an Inc. 500/5000 company. He has also helped build a trade Association, is an Author and Trainer. He and his wife Lyn-Dee work together actively building a team. They have four remarkable children and four beautiful grandchildren.



Michael Linden
During 2011 Michael Linden celebrated his 40th year in Multi-Level Marketing. Over the years he has been associated with over a dozen MLM companies. Now, semi-retired from active involvement with his networks, he concentrates on consulting and marketing his DeckWork Marketing Card training cards. Michael is an active leader in several organizations. In 2010 he was a recipient of MLMIA's "Best of the Best" award.


 jan ruhe

Jan Ruhe

Jan Ruhe was the top Founding Legacy Diamond National Sales Director with Discovery Toys. For over 30 years, with 80,000 distributors in her success line, earning every single award in her company every year, she earned 60 roundtrip plane tickets to exotic destinations in the world. She left Discovery Toys in 2012 because the management changed and they put in place a Pay Plan where Jan no longer had the same income opportunity. Jan has personally sponsored over 400 distributors and held more home parties than you probably can count. Jan has written 14 books on MLM and personal growth and is one of very few women asked to share the stage with Jim Rohn. She has personally trained over 250,000 distributors worldwide in various companies and is in demand now speaking and training globally. She has been featured on the front cover of numerous magazines globally. Jan became a millionaire in 1994 from her efforts in MLM and was the first woman in MLM to be invited to speak in Moscow and Hungary after the fall of communism. Jan was the 2010 recipient of MLMIA's "Best of the Best" Award and today sits on the Board of Directors of MLMIA. She continues her worldwide training and speaking career. She and her husband of 22 years, Bill, live in their dream home in the Aspen Valley in Colorado.



Any Member of MLMIA may recommend a prospective member for the
Board of Directors




The MLMIA and everyone in the industry owe a tremendous debt to all the Members who have served on the Board of Directors, but especially the following people who have shown a real dedication to Direct Sales/Multi-Level Marketing/ Network Marketing. They served a minimum of ten years as Board Members of MLMIA. They contributed, in addition to their dues, time, talents and efforts, all of their own expenses to attend 3 or 4 Board meetings a year (personally, in the beginning, before the Internet and conference calls) and trade shows and conferences. They gave this Association, that is the first to truly represent all areas of our industry, the strength it has today. They helped change the laws and bring more professionalism to our industry which shows in so many instances today.


Jeffrey Babener

Linda Bruno

Robert Butwin

Hugh "Ed" Clemmons

Ray Grimm Jr

Del Hickman

John Hollon

Kate Johnson

Keith Laggos, PhD

Carroll Lewis

Carrol Leclerc, President Canada

Ken Pointius (Deceased)

Michael Sheffield, Chair Emeritus

D. Jack Smith, Jr.

Tim Taylor

Doris Wood, President Emeritus


With Special Thanks To:
J. F. Robert Bolduc, of Canada
who served as the first International Chairman


The following were chosen by nominations and voting from around the world (not necessarily members of MLMIA). 

Out of 150 nominations, the 25 winners were:



Jeffrey Babener  -  Jim Britt  -  Tom Chenault  -  Marcie Cook

David Eisenstein  -  Kevin Grimes  -  Ray Grimm -  George Horioka

Kate Johnston  -  Brian Klemmer  -  Carroll Lewis  -  Patrick Liew

Michael Linden  -  Solomon McCluster  -  Gerald Nehra  -  Rudy Revak

Stacey Rosas  -  Jan Ruhe  -   Simi Saadalla  -  Robin Seymour

Eileen Silva  -  Ted Silverberg  -  D. Jack Smith  -  Steve Tan  -  Tim Taylor



The MLMIA Industry 5 Star Awards are given to Industry Professionals that are nominated by their fellow participants (not necessarily Member of MLMIA) in the Direct Sales/ Network Marketing/MLM industry as warranting special recognition for their superior Service, Product and Support.  The nominees will be confirmed deserving of the award by polling those that have knowledge of the quality of those products, services or support provided by the nominee.  It is an exclusive award, given to only a very small percent of professionals in our Industry


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