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For 31 years MLMIA has been a major force in defining the ethics, legalities and opportunities in Network Marketing. MLMIA has developed, facilitated and nurtured strong relationships between the industry and outside influences that affect its operations, including regulatory agencies, company management, software developers, educators, the press and the general public. MLMIA is recognized as the leading source of unbiased Network Marketing industry data and information by numerous industry, business and general publications.


For Direct Sales/
Multi-Level Marketing/
Network Marketing Companies

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For Suppliers who Sell Products & Services 
to Companies & Distributors

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For Direct Sales/Multi-Level/Network Marketing
Independent Contractors

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All people that sell products and/or services for the Network Marketing/ Direct Sales/Multi-level Marketing Companies are considered Distributors.  In addition all members of MLMIA, a professional organization founded in 1985,  are considered Professional Distributors.

All those listed reside in the country beside their name.  If a country is not listed, it is assumed they reside in the United States.  Because of the transfering of names from one server to another, we may have lost hundreds/thousands of names and country of origin.  If your name is not here, and you feel it should be, please contact MLMIA at 949 854 0484 or by email toThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and help us correct any mistakes.  By the same token, if your name is here, and you have not recently paid your dues, please contact us and help us keep these names current.

Mojtaba Abbaspour – Malaysia
Fehim Aksac -  Turkey
Jay Anderson
Gabriel Anaya
Karen Ballowe
Jack Bastide
Metin Binzet - Turkey
Rick Borgan
Brande Bradford
Charles Burleigh
Robert Butwin
Tony Cannuli
Tom Chenault
Allen Clark
Tosin Coker
Philip Crawford
Dale E & Linda Croy, Sr.
Dionisio Dabu
Christian Tyler Devereux
Jeffrey S Dominick
C J Dougan
Cheri Duncan-Hubert
David Eisenstein
Lyn-Dee Eldridge
Mark Eldridge
Johnette Elhendy
Mehmetcan Elmas - Turkey
David & Ann Feinstein
Hacitur - Turkey
Lisa Hale
Terry Hale
Charles Hardman
Md. Abu Hasan
Diane Hastings
Bill & Becky Helin
Michael Dennis Helman
Patrick Loren Helman
Gilbert Hernandez
Joseph A Horalek
James Horn
Donald Hull
Joe D Huttenstine
Mahmut Inan - Turkey
Ralph Irizarry
Matthew Jamieson
Vicki Jamieson
Alex Johnson
Kate Johnston
Laurel A Johnson
Angela Jones
Ahmed A Kaley
Robert Kemp
David H Kemp
Thomas Kenney
Hob Khadka - Nepal
Dr. Hedi Khezrzadeh - Malaysia
Dorothy Kirkland
Gloria Le Crone Klein
Shane Klippenes
Alice Lee Knapp
Henry Kriegel
Shirley Kunkel
Bestami Kuru - Turkey
Grace Ky
Marianne La Barbera, MD
Susan Lancaster
Larry & Summer Landis
Herminio Legaspi
Peter Lehman
Larry & Vonda Lewis
Pascal LeQuere  -  Switzerland
Michael Linden
Charles Looney
Ruth Marks-Bradford
Dany Martin
Philip Mathew
Lucy Mazes
Cecilia Maguy  -  France
Lawrence E McAdams
William McCarty
John McClain
Michael & Verna McDonald
Ken McGregor



Ahmed Mohammed
Edgar Mojica
Wayne Moore
William Moore
Dwayne & Toni Morgan
George Morris
Anthony Noel Murphy
Andrew Neeld
Rod Nichols
Kazuhiro Nishimoto
Alberto Ivan Nunez
Alice Odoemenem - Nigeria
Enes Olgun - Turkey
Selman Olgun - Turkey
Ergin Opengin
Mesut Opengin - Turkey
Omnia Ossama - Egypt
Bernard Owens
Neeraj Pandey
Jkotin K Patel
Damien Peakacek
Leslie Peck
Katarina Persson
Bob & Marsha Peters
Janet Petersen
Bob Peterson
Jason & Janatha Pollock
Jacqueline Potter-Wilson
William R Purcell
Majank Singh Rajawat – India
John Ritchason
Timothy Robinson
William H. Roley
Joe Rom
Robert Royer
William Ruhe
Dr. Robin Rushlo
Viveka Rytzner
Torkel Sanner
Tim Schlehr
Donald Schultz
Sue Seward
Ken & Lisa Seto
Mina Shah
Rob Shaw
Leo Shchenin
Jimmy Shin
Manuel Shtabsky
Steve Spangenberg
Oliver Staudenmann
Dr Fred Sternberg
Rani Stoddard
Aaron Tardos
Steve Tan - Malaysia
Tim Taylor
Charlie Thackston
Donald L Thorson
Huesan Tran
Nancy Trippitelli
Haci Tur
Michael K. Ungerman
Jose Valentin
John Van Zandt
Luis Vega
Patricia Walton
Pamela Waters
Rita Mae Webster
Tammy Lee Webster
Jeff Weisberg
Judy Westby
Lisa M. Wilber
Jacqueline Wilson
Wanda Withington
Blake Worley
Judy C Wright
Mahmut Yaman - Turkey
Deborah Zin



Tony Cannuli COO, MLMIA
Tony Cannuli COO, MLMIA   Over the 30 years in Home Business Tony has been a significant leader growing and developing network organizations doing hundreds of millions in sales also serving as a Master IBO and and company executive, VP of Sales and Marketing. For over 10 years a startup consultant to over 50 direct selling companies.  >> read more
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