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The Multi-Level Marketing International Association and everyone in the the industry owe a tremendous debt to all the members that have served on the Board but especially the following people who have shown a real dedication to Direct Sales/Multi-Level Marketing/ Network Marketing. They served a minimum of ten years as Board Members of MLMIA. They contributed, in addition to their dues, time, talents and efforts, all of their own expenses to attend 3 or 4 Board meetings a year and trade shows and conferences. They gave the first Association, that is the first to truly represent all areas of our industry, the strength it has today. They helped change the laws and bring more professionalism to our industry.

Director Emeritus Members

Jeff Babener Jeffrey Babener & Associates

Robert Butwin Distributor

Hugh Clemmons Attorney at Law

Del Hickman Net-Mark

Keith Laggos Money Makers’ Monthly

Ken Pontious Distributor

Michael Sheffield Sheffield Resource Network

D. Jack Smith, Jr. D. Jack Smith Law Firm

President Emeritus - Doris Wood The Wood International Group (TWIG)

Special thank you to J. F. Robert Bolduc, Matol Botanical, who served as 1st elected Chairman.

Current Board Members

According to the Bylaws of the Association, each category (Corporate - Support - Distributor) has a total of six votes regardless of the numbers of people sitting on the Board in that category.

Carroll L. Lewis, Commercial Data Corporation, Support

Charles Looney, Distributor

John Hollon, Corporate

Kate Johnston, Corporate

Linda Bruno, Direct Sales Journal Support

Marcie Cook, America's MLM Consultants Support

Michael Sheffield, Sheffield Resource Network Support

Tom Lupo, Corporate

Doris Wood, - TWIG. Support


Collectively, they are the best. The Board has always been totally unique. We guarantee there isn't another group like it anywhere in the world. From 1985 until 1991, MLMIA could have 50 Board Members from equal parts of the country with equal representation in each category. And represent they did. At times there have been companies where the President became closest friends with their biggest rivals. There have been 4 attorneys on the board at the same time, three data processing companies, Distributors from different companies that helped each other in many ways, all sharing their love of the industry, respecting the differences. During the years, some members who served on the Board changed direction. Distributors became Corporate executives, Corporate became Support and Support became both. Over 95% remain in the industry. Thanks for serving with distinction.


Robert Levene, JD, 1985
Gene Scott, 1996 - 1998 * Doris Wood, 1988 - 2001
Mike Lewis, 2001 - 2001 * Doris Wood 2001 - 2003


Doris Wood, 1985 - 2001
Mike Lewis, 2001 - 2001
Doris Wood, 2001 - 2003


Jim Adams

Jeffery Babener

Debbi Ballard

J.F.Robert Bolduc

Richard Brooke

Linda Bruno

Robert Butwin

Ed Clemmons

Hal Culbertson

Kerry Daigle

Rick deNeff

Tim Dern

Bob Edwards

Jim Edwards

Ted Elias

Don Failla

Dr. Dan Ford

Matt Freeze

Ray Grimm Jr.

John Hail

Gary Haiser

Del Hickman

John Hollon

Ed Hoyt, Jr.

Dan Jensen

Kate Johnston

Clifton Jolly, Ph.D.

Tom Justin

John Kalench

Alan Kennedy

Kieth Laggos

Carrol Leclerc

Carroll Lewis

Mike Lewis

Susanne Lipmann

Charles Looney

Tom Lupo

Dayle Maloney

Dylan Marer

Linda Marshall

Jackie Martin Ph.D.

Gerald McCarthy

Pat McGaffey

Tom McVey

Jana Mitcham

Greg Phelps

Paul Pichannti

Wm. Plikaitis

Ken Pontious

Marge Robinson

Gini Graham Scott, Ph.D., JD

Michael Sheffield

Eileen Silva

D. Jack Smith

David Stech

Doug Sternberg

David Stewart

Christ Theodor

Bob Toppo

Randy Ward

Alf White

Doris Wood

Frank Vandersloot

Mark Yarnell


Carrol Leclerc, Canada

Mike Lewis, England

Roberta Budviltas, New Zealand

John Grant, Australia

Germit Sidhu, Malaysia

Distributor of Year

Robert Butwin, 1986,

Marge Robinson, 1986

Robert Butwin, 1987

Ken Pontious, 1988

Dottie & Ben Boreko, 1989

David Yinger, 1990

Mark & René Yarnell, 1991

MLM Company of Year

Sunrider, 1986

Network 2000, 1987

Unimax, 1989

Matol, 1991

Envion 1995

Support Group of Year

Business Application Group

CLC Management

D. Jack Smith

Hamilton LaRonde

Hugh (Ed) Clemmons


Jeffrey Babener & Associates

Jenkon Data

Millionaires in Motion

Money Makers Monthly

Sheffield Resource Network

Software Labs

The Wood International Group (TWIG)

U. S. Sprint

Hall of Fame

Doris Wood, 1989

Keith Laggos, 2001

Michael sheffield, 2001

We apologize for any missing names and will gladly make the adjustment.

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