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More than vendors or suppliers, these are the people that truly SUPPORT the industry. We are pleased that we made the decision in 1985 to have them, along with Corporate companies and Distributors as full voting members of MLMIA. Support Members are the ones that have helped so many of the old and emerging companies gather the tools needed for success. With MLMIA, Support Members continue to learn about the industry through seminars, tradeshows and conferences and interaction with their piers as well as training others. Many have been Distributors and/or Corporate executives in the industry. Many of the names were lost when new technology went into effect. We'd like to have them back. Help us if you canů

The company that was/is a member is named on the second line in alphabetical order.

Earl McKinzie, Jr.
20-21 Interactive, LLC

Mark Rawlins
20-21 Interactive

Jim Adams
Jim Adams & Asso.

Walt Fisher
Ad venture Opportunities

Clifton Jolley, Ph.D.
Advent Communications

David Reiss
Affinity Memberships, Inc.

Marcie Cook
America's MLM Consultants

Glen Davidson
ATG Technologies

Jeff Babener
Babener & Associates

Carol Brown
Bard s

Edwin Edibiri
Bullish Concepts International

Del Hickman
Business Applications Group

Enid Golib Butterfield,
Reimer & Associates S.A.

Mardell Sutherland
C.E. Alliance

Darrin Ginsberg
Card Service International

Ollie Moyer
Cassette Communications, Inc.

Carrol LeClerc
CLC Management, Inc.

Ed Clemmons
Hugh E. Clemmons Law Office

Jerry Clark
Club Rhino Inc.

Carroll Lewis
Commercial Data Corporation

Doug Sternberg
Commercial Data Corporation

Craig Alspaugh
Connex International

Suzanne Winfield
Crown Marketing Group

Phillip Longenecker
Cutting Edge Media, Inc.

Bob Schwartz
Cutting Edge Media, Inc.

D. Jack Smith, Jr.
D. Jack Smith, Jr. Law Office

Delwin L. McGill
DDT Enterprises LLC

Don Yarter
Digital Network Access

Ping Chee
Dolphin Technology, Inc.

Raphal Holoman
Electronic Merchant Systems

Jeffrey Flannery
Enhanced Information Systems (EIS)

Bill Fawcett
Fawcett VideoMarketing

Matthew Bell
FreedomVOICE Systems

Tracy Dieterich
Frontier General

Dennis Ashe
Genesis Consulting / Genesis Financial

Alf White
Hamilton LaRonde & Associates

Ellen White
Hanilton LaRonde & Associates

Greg White
Hamilton LaRonde & Associates

Ray Kondracki
Healing Products

Rhonda Fegan
Healthy Life Style Corp.

Howard Lipman
HLC, Inc.

Debbi Ballard

Carol A. Reaves
In Touch Communications

Dylan Marer
Innovative Meetings and Events

Garrett Walker
Innovative Meetings and Events

Rainer Paul
Integrated Management Service

John Bisack
Integrated Management Services

Jeff Van Langeveld
Integrated Mangement Services

Paul Cohen
Intella II

Dr. Gerald McCarthy
J & R Research Corporation

Dan Jensen
Jencon International, Inc.

Robert Cavet
Jenkon International

Kevin Lee
Lead Master Corp.

Renato Cavaliere
Lyco Logistics

Erin Harct
Lyco Logistics

Randy Ward
Making A Difference Seminars

Metrovest Energy Corp.

John Kalench
Millionaires in Motion

Mike Burke
Mini Vacations

Bobby Simpson
Mini Vacations

Cal Phillips & Jennifer Moss
Moss\Phillips Associates,LLC

Kelly Thayer
Mountainland Productions

Roger Starkey
National Enzyme Company

Gerald Nehra
Nehra, Gerald P. Attorney At Law

Harry Tahiliani
NetGenie Online

David Hickman

Del Hickman

Gaellen Quinn
Network Action Company

Claire Jackman
Network Marketing Speakers

Robert Galy
Network Specialists Inc.

Jim Voelker

Robert Boyer

Anthony Reynolds

Robin Seymour
Opportunity Productions

Jerry McGuire
Pacific Exs Travel

Dean Moore
Paris Enterprizes

Ed London
Parke Lloyds International, Inc.

Frederick Tscheulin
Pinpoint Mkt & Communications,

Ted Wolski
Plan B International

James McCormack
Preferred Alliance

Lewis Tucker
Preferred Alliance

Lee Clark s
Publishing Limited

Phillip Shou
ProBrand International

Jack Baugher
S&J Products & Services

Gene Dailey
Sales America.Com

Jim Hammarstrom
Sales America.Com

Todd Lederer
Sales Network Solutions

Benjamin Higareda
Seico International

David Stewart
Success in Action

Michael Sheffield
Sheffield Resource Group

John Hollan
Software Labs

Richard Jannish
SWJ Southwest, Inc.

Dr. Irvin Miller
Sybaris, Inc.

Ron Perl
Target Data Corporation

Bill Sweeney

Jill Wente
TeleWorth LLC

Greg Tucker
Thomas Talley Co.

Rod Cook
The MLM Watchdog

Richard Dean
TransNet, Inc.

Doris Wood
TWIG-The Wood International Group

Brad Fenton
UniDial - Network Mkt. Division

Jeff McCubbin
UniDial - Network Mkt. Division

Ridgely Goldsborough
Upline Magazine

John Fogg
Upline Magazie

Bill Plikitus
U. S. Sprint

Stuart Johnson
Video Plus

Charles Timson
Visionary Tele. Tec.

Jim "Jaime" Edwards
Vista MLM Group

Bill Welsh

Linda Bruno
Wealth Building, Inc.

Kevin Kennedy
Wild Fire

Barbara Gorton
Zipper s Inc.

Jack Zufelt
Zufelt & Associates

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