We've Only Just Begun

We've Only Just Begun
We've Only Just Begun
Author: Wood, Doris
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There have been numerous articles written about the Multi-Level/Network Marketing industry but to my knowledge this was the first history that told many of the facts.  Many of the writers who wrote those articles since I began in 1989 attempted to write a part of the history and many have some good information.  Problem is, most didn’t live the history and when they did their research, they took what they found or thought to be the truth… and it just wasn’t always so.  Since I’ve been in this industry over 50 years (now in the sixth decade), I’ve lived much of the history I am going to share with you.

Because MLM/Direct Sales is a marketing venture, a brief history of marketing- including how marketing developments have influenced or been influenced by our profession- is also part of this history.  The Industry’s history would be incomplete without reference to Industry associations- both those that have come and gone and those that remain.  And you will find quite a bit about the MLMIA, the Multi-Level Marketing International Association.  In many ways, this history is incomplete.  The history of our Industry will best be told in many books.  Because of that limitation, this history is meant to present an overview of the history from this author’s perspective of the last fifty years or so.