Author: Taubman, Steve
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Start over from wherever you are and recreate your ideal life.
Reverse hypnotic programming in jobs and relationships.
Set and achieve exciting goals.
Clarify your thinking and discover your true purpose.
Become more calm, relaxed, and confidant.
Guarantee enthusiastic support and cooperation.
Deal with difficult people
Integrate your spiritual path into your day-to-day life.

If you’re searching for truth, prosperity, inner peace, or better relationships, this quick read will change your life.

Are you sleepwalking through life:  Have you repeatedly set goals and made resolutions but not followed through?  Have you tried numerous self-help books and seminars with few or no results?  Here’s the truth:  no single self-improvement book will help you if you don’t first do one thing:  unhypnotize your mind.  In this book, Dr. Steve Taubman shares revolutionary new secrets to show you how to break through the old programming that’s keeping you stuck and to finally attain the life and goals you desire.