Tapping The Source

Tapping The Source
Tapping The Source
Author: Ward, Randy Joe
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This book takes you on a journey toward a healthier Self-Image. The Natural Order of the Universe is Abundance, and it may be the fear programed into you during childhood that's keeping you from that abundance. In this exciting book, Randy shows us how to replace that fear with a Wealth Consciousness. Learn how to utilize your powerful Alpha Brain Waves to reprogram yourself for Success. You'll learn how to use your own inner guidance to solve problems. Tapping the Source presents a proven way to create the life you've always dreamed about - a direct path to having everything in the world you really want. Tapping the Source is a collection of Natural Laws which make up a fantastic Success Formula. Tapping the Source offers a "scientific basis for success" that puts Prosperity within your grasp. 

After reading Tapping the Source, you'll know that "luck" or "fate" has nothing to do with your success or failure. The forces, which will enable you to experience PROSPERITY, are very much like electricity. No person invented electricity. It existed in nature, but, until we learned how to make use of it, we had no electric lights or appliances. Just as electricity can serve you, when handled properly, and injure you if mishandled, the Source of Prosperity is raw power which can work for your good, or your ill, depending on how it's utilized. You may learn that you have been causing your own failures, through the mis-use of powers you did not even know you had. By choosing to read and study Tapping the Source, you have taken the important first step to undoing past mistakes and creating a whole new life for yourself.