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Network Marketing Association, Direct Sales Association, Multi Level Marketing Association - - MLMIA Network Marketing Association, Direct Sales Association, Multi Level Marketing Association - - MLMIA Network Marketing Association, Direct Sales Association, Multi Level Marketing Association - - MLMIA Network Marketing Association, Direct Sales Association, Multi Level Marketing Association - - MLMIA Network Marketing Association, Direct Sales Association, Multi Level Marketing Association - - MLMIA Network Marketing Association, Direct Sales Association, Multi Level Marketing Association - - MLMIA Network Marketing Association, Direct Sales Association, Multi Level Marketing Association - - MLMIA Network Marketing Association, Direct Sales Association, Multi Level Marketing Association - - MLMIA Network Marketing Association, Direct Sales Association, Multi Level Marketing Association - - MLMIA Network Marketing Association, Direct Sales Association, Multi Level Marketing Association - - MLMIA  



There are many great reasons why you could not afford to miss our

Annual Convention & Expo




Jerry Clark

Mary Christensen


FRIDAY:  JERRY CLARK (of Club Rhino fame)


SATURDAY:       MARY CHRISTENSEN:    “TURNING YOUR DISTRIBUTORS INTO SUPERSTARS”   You’ll move yourself and your leaders to new heights with her dynamic presentation. Even the best leaders need to recharge their belief themselves. Companies who have reached a plateau will be inspired to move beyond the barriers that sabotage their dreams of joining the highest companies in the business. Leaders on the move will learn new skills to help them lift performance throughout their entire downline.

Mary’s presentation takes the guesswork out of recruiting, by teaching your Representatives who to recruit, why they make great prospects and how to turn them into recruits, including:

·         How party planners can find three prospects at every party – guaranteed!\

·         Switching small business owners and franchisees across to MLM

·         Turning more customers into recruits

·         Attracting people who have been in direct selling before back to MLM

·         Prospect-shopping when they hit a dry spell

·         Turning people who have never considered the business before into MLMers.

Mary Christensen has been a Distributor then founder of her own direct selling business, and personally recruited over one thousand in her first year. She turned around a network marketing company with 5-year flat results to a dramatic increase in her first year as Director of Sales.

Mary has been chosen by the American Management Association to author their first-ever book on direct selling, BE A NETWORK MARKETING SUPERSTAR, to be published in spring 2007 AND is coming to Vegas to share her skills with YOU..  She has been a speaker at the Direct Selling Association’s Annual Meeting in 2006, the World Federation of Direct Selling Associations 2002, and the Australian Direct Selling Association Annual Meeting in 2001. She is a contributor to Direct Selling News and is a former President of the Direct Selling Association. 

Prepare to be energized, entertained and inspired. Mary has spoken to some of the industry’s biggest companies and we have booked her for you!  It’s been said that Mary Christensen is phenomenal!

Corporate Executive Panel

Watch for Company Executives who have much to present



Gerald P. Nehra is a private practice attorney specifically focused on direct sales and multilevel marketing issues for corporations. The range of law includes federal and state regulations; food, drug, and cosmetics issues; sales and marketing contracts and warrantees; independent contractor issues; advertising and promotion; and business conduct and ethics.  He also handles trademark registrations and has served as an expert witness. He represents U.S. companies, both start-ups and well established, and represents the U.S. interests for companies based in Canada, Europe, and Asia. His over 30 years of legal experience include nine years at Amway Corporation, where he was Director of the Legal Division. Mr. Nehra is a graduate of the Detroit College of Law and is a member of the American Bar Association and the State Bars of Michigan, New York, and Colorado. He has written extensively on MLM legal issues and is often a presenter or speaker at industry seminars and client meetings.

D. Jack Smith, Jr is a graduate of the Harvard School of Law, Cambridge, Massachusetts.  The firm he heads has offices in Memphis, Tennessee and Washington, D. C.  For over twenty five years he has developed a specialty in Multi-Level Marketing law, appearing in courts and negotiations on behalf of Multi-Level Marketing companies in over 35 states and the Federal Trade Commission He has written numerous articles for industry and major publications in the US, Canada and England on the subject of MLM Law.   Mr. Smith is a founding Board Member and attorney for the Multi-Level Marketing International Association and is a respected speaker at MLMIA Executive Conferences and Expositions.   D. Jack has been a member of the Tennessee House of Representatives and was formerly Chairman of the House Committee on Business.


Richard W. Waak  Richard (Rick) was a Senior Attorney on the Amway staff in the 1980s.  He left to become General Counsel of NSA. His ten-year tenure there included leading the negotiations with regulators over water filter sales and beginning the conversion of the company to the highly successful “Juice-Plus” nutrition products focus. He has helped other direct selling start-up companies as in-house counsel, before going into private practice.  He is now "Of Counsel" to the Nehra Law Firm.


Jack Millar & Robert Kreklewetz are tax and trade law attorney's. Their firm is in Canada, specializing in Direct Selling law.  Representing the major and majority of MLM firms in their country, they have been recognized as the tops in their field by the International Tax Review Board for three consecutive years.  Their law firm is probably the broadest in Canada, allowing their clients to benefit from their experience.  They are past recipients of the DSA Partnership in Progress Award.



Tim Dern:  has over 20 years experience in the Direct Sales Industry and is currently President of QueLife, Inc.  He will give a live party plan demonstration that is sure to inspire new ideas to take home and implement in your company's presentations.  A long time supporter of MLMIA, his presentations are always fun and informative.

Colin Sprake:  Colin is the President of EmpowerNet, LLC (A Pole Lot of Fun), a Party Plan company that is just a few yeas old with representatives in Canada.  The company has recently added a new line of skin care to their line and have really taken off.

Susan Bradley:  Susan has  15 years’ experience in direct sales, with party plan and network marketing companies.  She is a Party Plan consultant and researcher. She has studied in detail over 20 companies in the last 4 years including analysis of compensation, party structure, recognition and support systems.  She has been the featured Speaker: Party Plans & The Importance of Incentive Programs to a Sales Force

Dr. Bob Williams with thirty years of Direct Selling experience is eminently qualified to offers help to MLM and Party Plan companies:  He has experience in International Arena, Bob draws upon twenty-five years of working Asia-Pacific, Canada and Europe specializing in sales and services. Having started five companies from scratch, Williams is well aware of the pitfalls, traps, trials and tribulations experienced by the new company.

Michelle Mathews:  Looking for a way to boost the performance of your sales consultants?  In this session, hear how one consultant used personalized e-newsletters not only to foster the relationships that are so important in direct selling, but also to grow her business by focusing her efforts on the most promising opportunities.  Michelle will address the benefits of communicating effectively at multiple tiers – company to consultant and consultant to customer.  She’ll also speak to the value of using analytics to plan future promotions, drive the development of new products, and enhance forecasting, and will close with the importance of protecting your brand and complying with CAN-SPAM and privacy legislation.




Paul Cohen   -   Katherine Glover   -   Dr. Keith Laggos    -  

Michael McClellan   -   Scott W. Orlinski   -   Paul Piscatelli   -   Bryan Thayer  

 Michael Sheffield   -   Lewis Tucker




Kate, Robert, Greg, Jason and Tim (names following) will all participate in this Distributor Panel.  They are all distributors from different Direct Selling/Network Marketing Companies and have all have been Presidents or top executives of Network Marketing companies. All are now serving on our Distributor Board.  GUEST Dakota is a big part of Generation Y who has built an organization nationwide while still in his teens (he is just 20). He has already been hired and booked internationally to train MLM companies on Generation Y.

Facillator:  Robert Butwin (twice chosen Distributor of Year for MLMIA)

Greg Arnold - Jason Boreyko - Kate Johnston - Dakota Rea - Tim Taylor



Learn the latest technologies and the latest in what is happening in oir profession.

Ian Cordell - Greg Fink - Scott Fitzpatrick - David Hatz - Carroll Lewis - Jerry Reynolds



Eugene Argent   -   Linda Bruno   -   Holly McKinney



Doris Wood is probably one of the most highly recognized authorities in the world on Direct Sales/Multi-Level Marketing. Her love of, expertise in, and dedication to the industry is based on BEGINNING 50 years of successful, practical, hands on experience. Called "The Consultants Consultant," she is the speaker; author, trainer and consultant of choice by start up ventures and established MLM companies alike around the globe. Doris has a unique and broad background in Direct Sales (party plan) & Multi-Level (Network) Marketing, including just about every field, staff and corporate level position known in the industry.  In the spirit of a true entrepreneur, she co founded two MLM companies. One, AloEssence Cosmetics, enjoyed, in 1976 (before fax on demand, conference calls, low long-distance rates and the Internet, etc.), over 50,000 Distributors in two countries. Since 1985 she has served as President (Chairman) and Executive Director (President, CEO) of the Multi-Level Marketing International Association (MLMIA), the highly respected industry trade organization she co founded representing all MLM Companies, Support (suppliers) and Distributors worldwide. She is a mentor to many.  Doris holds many awards, among them the International Hall of Fame and the Industry Icon Award (2001).  This year she is speaking in Hong Kong, Beijing (and other provinces of China)  and Singapore.  Her proudest achievements are her family and the MLMIA family. 

Del Hickman has been active in the Multi-Level/Network Marketing Industry since 1980.  Del was an Information Systems major at San Diego State University and joined IBM in 1967 serving in Technical and Customer Support.  He then moved on to Pepsi-Cola, serving in the capacity of MIS Director.  With Del’s entrepreneurial juices flowing, he founded Business Applications Group (BAG), an IBM Business Partner in 1974.  Its first MLM customer, Total Image, introduced BAG to the MLM Industry in 1980. After much success in interacting with thousands of companies, Del sold BAG in 1992 and entered into the corporate management of a startup MLM Company named Summit 2000 and served as the Director of Operations for 3 years.  Del, through BAG, became a member of the MLMIA in 1986, and served as the Treasurer for 8 years.  A Hall of Fame Member of MLMIA since 2005, he now serves as Executive Director and provides the day-to-day efforts as the Executive Director.  Del has brought many new benefits to the members and continues to look for more.