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For Direct Sales/Multi-Level/Network
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Press release Hosting Most Valuable Conference Ever For ALL IN Network Marketing

The Multi-Level Marketing International Association (MLMIA), the world's most respected, leading professional association for MLM, Direct Sales and Network Marketing professionals; has announced it will be hosting its 2015 Annual Conference on September 17th to 19th at the brand new Hilton Garden Inn in Irvine, California.  MLMIA is designed to protect the interests of its members and disseminate practical, timely advice, updates on changing conditions and industry standards.

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Is MLMIA Membership for Me?

  • If you are in any way involved in Network Marketing, Multi-Level Marketing, MLM or Direct Sales
  • If you are an owner of any of the above, a corporate team member, a Distributor or sell to any of the above.
  • If you want an established, time-tested Association to draw upon
  • If you want to be heard within the industry 
  • If you want an organization that is managed by highly experienced and successful professional Networkers, who represent YOU

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MLMIA Radio Show
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Exciting Guests with 
Training - Education - News
30 Mins, Hosted by 
Peter Mingils & Doris Wood
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5.30 PM PST & 6.30 PM MST
7.30 PM CST & 8.30 PM EST

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MLM After Hours Radio Shows
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1st - 3rd - 5th Mondays
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MLMIA 2015 Conference
For New Start-Ups and All
Existing MLM, Network Marketing
and Direct Sales Companies!
Corporate Event
September 17th - 18th, 2015
Info and Register Here

Distributor Alliance Conference
September 19th, 2015
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Hilton Garden Inn Hotel

Irvine, California
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Professional Association for Network Marketing Worldwide

For 30 years MLMIA has been a major force in defining the ethics, legalities and opportunities in Network Marketing. MLMIA has developed, facilitated and nurtured strong relationships between the industry and outside influences that affect its operations, including regulatory agencies, company management, software developers, educators, the press and the general public. MLMIA is recognized as the leading source of unbiased Network Marketing industry data and information by numerous industry, business and general publications.

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