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ince 1985, MLMIA has developed and expanded its membership benefits and services to accommodate the increased sophistication, professionalism and diversity of the network marketing industry. Extensive efforts have been made to support the varied interests and needs of Corporate, Support and Distributor members with a host of tangible and intangible membership priveleges.
MLMIA's primary goal is to continually education and re-educate its members. From comprehensive Corporate starter kits to annual conferences, MLMIA continually develops and improves tools and services geared toward spreading the knowledge base in the industry and helping members acquie and master the business skills necessary to succeed. Members have access to the most current, state-of-the-art resources, including:
  • Authoritative Articles By the Industry's Leading Experts
  • Guidebooks for Starting a MLM/Network Marketing Company
  • Leadership Training Tapes and Books
  • National-International Conferences
  • Industry Trade Shows
  • Internet Exposure
MLMIA is committed to fostering educational programs with accredited universities and colleges in the faculties of selling, marketing and entrepreneurialism.
MLMIA keeps members informed of events and trends in the network marketing industry. Referred to as the "central information source" of the industry, MLMIA empowers and connects a worldwide network of people and businesses through its regular information sharing programs. Members can request data on choosing the right MLM company, legal issues, marketing challenges and more from the executive offices of MLMIA. Connecting Point, MLMIA's authoritative newsletter, contains essential industry data, referral information, membership updates and input from leading industry experts.

We Connect You To Resources That Enhance Your Ability To Compete


MLMIA empowers and connects a worldwide network of people and businesses.


Each additional MLMIA members increases the strength of the network marketing industry's future. This united group of dedicated professionals help the industry advance and evolve to its full potential. In this spirit of collaboration, MLMIA affords its members a host of opportunities to meet, talk, work and generally network with other industry experts. These opportunities include:
  • Extensive Resource Directory
  • Regular Educational Symposiums
  • Corporate Executive Days
  • Industry Trade Shows
  • Spring and Fall Conferences
  • Distributor Day Conferences
  • MLMIA Committee Opportunities
Contemporary topic educational seminars, endless industry information and numerous networking opportunities represent just a portion of the working tangibles the MLMIA membership affords you. To that list, we mention a few of the other benefits:
  • Life Insurance
  • Heath Insurance
  • Financial Protection
  • Telephone Services
  • 24-Hour Fax on Demand Information Service
    (714) 978-6123
  • Discounts on Services
  • Merchant Accounts
  • Lines of Credit
MLMIA's sole purpose is to help network marketing professionals. With the industry's cultivation and growth, MLMIA is committed to a constant refinement of its member benefits and services.

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