1st Quarter 1999

MLMIA Education & Research Foundation

We have embarked on a new program called the MLMIA Education & Research Foundation. It has been created to help the Network Marketing industry and will be invaluable for everyone in our Industry around the world. This program can encompass Certification for Independent Distributors, continuing education, and a library of company materials, industry publications - books - tapes - articles and more. The cost to carry out these goals will be sizable and ongoing. The MLMIA Board of Directors requests that all industry participants, both members and nonmembers, seriously consider helping in any way they can in this effort.

For the Foundation, we have established seven levels of contribution - Bronze Contributor $100.00, Silver Contributor $250, Gold Contributor $500, Diamond Contributor $1000, Ruby Contributor $2500, Platinum Contributor $5000. All Contributors names appear prominently at Association meetings, on our web site and at other MLMIA functions. Each contributor receives a special Certificate for framing. Anyone making additional contributions to this Foundation at any time will have their contributions accumulated, automatically upgrading their Contributor’s status.

The following individuals and companies contributed during 1998. Several Platinum Contributors have given in excess of that qualification. We have more than one Angel who has requested "anonymous."

Bronze Contributor
Richard Bames / Distributor
Charlotte Bloom / Distributor
Marcie Cook / Distributor
Joseph Debski / Distributor
James Donnelly / Distributor
Don Porterfield / Distributor
Grace Rudd / Distributor
Wendy Schaffer / Distributor
Edward Scully / Distributor
Gary Spicer / Distributor
Karen Taylor / Distributor
Daren Ward / Distributor

Silver Contributor
Debra Jones / Distributor
Sean Myers / Distributor
Gerald Nehra / Attorney / Support

Gold Contributors
John Hail / Advantage Mkt. Systems/Corp.
D. Jack Smith / Attorney / Support
Nutrition For Life / Corporate

Diamond Contributors
Sean Myers / Distributor

Ruby Contributors
Robert Butwin / Distributor
Jimmy Kossert / Distributor
Eileen Silva / Distributor

Platinum Contributors
Linda Bruno / Dr. Keith Laggos
-Money Makers Monthly / Support
Dylan Marer
-Innovative Meetings / Support
Ken Pontious
Michael Sheffield
-Sheffield Resource Network/Support
Doris Wood
-The Wood International Group (TWIG) / Support

If we have missed anyone we would appreciate it if you would correct our records immediately and thanks to you and everyone mentioned that has helped get this program off to such a great start.
Any Distributor materials from any company past or present are also appreciated for the archives of the Foundation. Any materials that you have around that could be helpful to someone studying network marketing we can add to a collection that encompasses over 40 years of materials including Distributor kits, comp plans, awards, and other recognition items. These materials are currently being cataloged. Any suggestions on how to handle three storage units (and we’d like 30) would be greatly appreciated also. Thanks again to all that help.

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