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Job Alerts

  • What is a Job Alert?
  • A Job Alert is an automated search that runs each night (or week). It looks for new job opportunities that have been posted that match your job search criteria. When it finds a match, it emails you a brief summary of the job with a link to the job description. Job Alerts make sure you do not miss any new opportunities.

  • How do I stop my Job Alert?
  • To stop your Job Alert, log into your job seeker account, go to the Job Alerts section, in the "My Job Alerts" area click the "Stop" link next to the Alert you want to stop. Its status will then change to "stopped." To delete the Job Alert, click the "Delete" link next to the one you want to permanently delete.

  • Why doesn't my Job Alert email me any jobs?
  • There are a number of reasons your Job Alert is not emailing you any jobs. First, it is possible that your Job Alert criteria are too specific and no new jobs have been posted that match your specific search criteria. You may want to try broadening your search criteria. This will increase the odds that a match is found. The second reason is maybe your email provider or your own computer is blocking our emails. Sometimes spam protections are set too strictly and it prevents our emails from getting through. You may need to alter the settings of your privacy firewall software on your computer or contact your email provider to learn more.