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Searching for Jobs

  • How can I use keywords to search jobs?
  • When using a keyword, our search engine looks for the existence of that keyword in the ad description. If it finds that word, it presents that job as one of the matching results. To improve your search, you may use combinations of keywords.

    You may use "and" or "or" to help you find the results you want. Placing the word and between keywords will make sure only jobs containing both those keywords are returned as matches. Placing the word or between keywords will return jobs containing either of those keywords.

  • What is a "Saved Search"
  • A saved search remembers a search you performed in the past. In the future if you want to run a quick and convenient search again all it takes is clicking the "Run" link next to the saved search you want to run.

  • Why do some jobs not have an "Apply" link/button?
  • Some of the jobs listed may not have a link or button that lets you apply through our website. The reason for this is some employers prefer to receive their applications in a different format. For example, some employers may require that you visit their website and apply there, others may only want to receive faxed resumes, etc. To apply for jobs like this, simply follow the instructions in the ad or apply using any contact information provided in the ad. If there is no visible way to apply for a posting, please create a support ticket and someone in our customer service department will assist you.

  • Why do some job listings not have a link to the company profile?
  • This may be because the company does not have a profile or because the company decided to remove the link from their posting.

  • On the search result page, I do not see the link to "My Saved Jobs".
  • You can only access your saved jobs if you are logged in. The "My Saved Jobs" option disappears when you are not logged in. Login to your Job Seeker account and it will reappear.