Will Allan
Will Allan began his career in Network Marketing at the age of 14 after dropping out of school.  His father co signed for him and the rest is history.  As the youngest Distributor in the industry, during his first year he signed up over 1,700 customers that gave him a residual income of 8,600 dollars in commission a month.  Before he was 16, he built a downline of over 4,000 people with a residual of around 42,000 dollars a month.   His biggest month, he earned slightly over 100,000 dollars, due to winning both Managers and Directors pools.   And, he did it all by the cold market calling.  In another company he built another downline with another large income until the FTC came along and decided to shut the company down.   He decided to start his own retail business called LuresNmore, a fishing tackle business with visions of just going fishing and getting paid for it and let others run a 5,000 square foot warehouse and online fishing tackle superstore.   It’s still in operation but it isn’t MLM.  At 19, he began speaking and training for Kidscapital and was asked to join there Advisory Board.  He worked and trained young kids in probation camps, mostly with negative backgrounds, on how to have the things they want by applying their imagination to what they want in life. He has done a radio show for Adrenalineradio.Com, which was world wide on the Internet and syndicated on AM Radio throughout the United States.   It was called "Imagining Success" where his theories on success were talked about and shared with different motivational speakers and trainers as well as successful business people. At 21 he has begun taking courses toward a college degree, then the goal is an MBA and PhD.  He is the youngest member to sit on the board of MLMIA. 

Del Hickman

Del Hickman has been active in the Multi-Level/Network Marketing Industry since 1980.  Del was an Information Systems major at San Diego State University and joined IBM in 1967 serving in Technical and Customer Support.  He then moved on to Pepsi-Cola, serving in the capacity of MIS Director.  With Del’s entrepreneurial juices flowing, he founded Business Applications Group (BAG), an IBM Business Partner in 1974.  Its first MLM customer, Total Image, introduced BAG to the MLM Industry in 1980. After much success in interacting with thousands of companies, Del sold BAG in 1992 and entered into the corporate management of a startup MLM Company named Summit 2000 and served as the Director of Operations for 3 years.  Del then co-founded, with his son David, Network Marketing Computer Services (Net-Mark) in 1997.  Net-Mark provides a Web based software package called WebTracker and customizes commissioning solutions using their CommTracker software.  Net-Mark is located in San Diego, California, and has a reputation in the industry for integrity, honesty and their commitment to helping MLM startup companies. Del, through BAG, became a member of the MLMIA in 1986, and Del served as the Treasurer of that organization for 8 years.  He now serves as Director Emeritus and helps in the day-to-day efforts on a part-time basis as the Director of Operations.

Doris Wood
Doris Wood is probably one of the most highly recognized authorities in the world on Direct Sales/Multi-Level Marketing. Her love of, expertise in, and dedication to the industry is based on over 40 years of successful, practical, hands on experience. Called "The Consultants Consultant," she is the speaker; author, trainer and consultant of choice by start up ventures and established MLM companies alike around the globe. Doris has a unique and broad background in Direct Sales (party plan) & Multi-Level (Network) Marketing, including just about every field, staff and corporate level position known in the industry.  In the spirit of a true entrepreneur, she co founded two MLM companies. One, AloEssence Cosmetics, enjoyed, in 1976 (before fax on demand, conference calls, low long-distance rates and the Internet, etc.), over 50,000 Distributors in two countries. Since 1985 she has served as President (Chairman) and Executive Director (President, CEO) of the Multi-Level Marketing International Association (MLMIA), the highly respected industry trade organization she co founded representing all MLM companies, suppliers and Distributors worldwide. She is a mentor to many.  Doris holds many awards, among them the International Hall of Fame and the Industry Icon Award (2001).  Her proudest achievement is her family and MLMIA.  Today, in addition to heading the Association, Doris is a lifetime Board Member and President Emeritus of MLMIA.

Ed Jarrin
Ed Jarrin has nearly a decade of experience in Direct Sales and Network Marketing as an executive of several large International Network Marketing organizations. He was the Executive Vice President of International Operations for FutureNet Online, Inc. and managed a five-country operation with over 350 employees worldwide. After FutureNet, Mr. Jarrin served as Vice President of Operations and Business Strategies with a large Network Marketing software provider, in which he implemented over a dozen systems including third-party vendors.  His expertise includes National and International operations set-up, business process and technology implementation.  He has consulted with more than 20 Network Marketing companies and has set up company operations in 13 countries.  Mr. Jarrin brings to the table strong leadership and the sound ability to clearly execute a company’s vision.

Kevin Grimes

Kevin Grimes is an attorney and partner in the firm of Grimes & Reese.  Kevin specializes in working with direct sellers across the U.S. and around the world.  His firm’s clients are a proverbial “Who’s Who” of Network Marketing, including Shaklee, Mannatech, USANA, FreeLife, Oxyfresh, Watkins, Metabolife, Herbalife, Morinda and over 400 hundred others.  Two things that distinguish Kevin from many other attorneys are his clients’ stay: (1) out of trouble and (2) in business.  Perhaps the single most unique and important aspect of the talents and experience Kevin brings to the table is that, prior to joining the industry as an attorney, he was a Distributor for two large Network Marketing organizations and built his last organization up to a group volume of over $40,000 per month. 

Michael Sheffield
Michael L. Sheffield is the CEO of Sheffield Resource Network, a full-service Direct Sales and multi level marketing (MLM) consulting firm. He is also cofounder and co-chairman of the Multi Level Marketing International Association (MLMIA). He and the Sheffield team have assisted in hundreds of national and international MLM corporate start-ups as well as offered a full line of services for established Direct Sales companies. Having developed over 300 MLM compensation plans, he has been a guest lecturer on the subject at the University of Illinois, University of Texas, Berkeley and Harvard Alumni Association. He has helped launch over 200 new products marketed by direct selling companies around the globe.
Damon Westmoreland
Damon Westmoreland is CEO and Founder of Mazumah International, an online personal commission management system, facilitated with a major brand (Visa/MasterCard) debit card. Damon began his business and entrepreneurial journey by becoming a
Distributor (Independent Representative) during his senior year in High School in San Diego, CA. Four years later he utilized Network Marketing to develop a telecommunications company, grossing in excess of 60 million in its first two years of existence. He sold his first company in early 1997 and took a year off, attempting to make the PGA tour. After 12 months and several damaged golf clubs, Damon returned to what he does best. Subsequently, he developed five domestic and international companies, each generating an average of 2.5 million in annualized revenue.  Damon is 31 years old and currently resides in San Diego, California with his wife Erika and their two dogs, Samson & Maximus.

Carolyn Tarr
Carolyn Tarr is an International Network Marketing Executive, having built large global downlines in over 20 countries.  Beginning as an independent Distributor of PM International, Carolyn has set sales volumes and income records across Europe.   For almost 7 years she was the Corporate Vice President of International Marketing and Sales for PM International, Europe's No. 1 Network Marketing Company.  Carolyn now has returned to America as a Co-owner of PM International USA to lead the expansion into North America and looks forward to spending more time with her 4 daughters and 7 grandchildren.

Kate Johnston
Spending 24 hours with Kate Johnston is like experiencing multi tasking to its fullest.  Her Penthouse on Nob (Snob) Hill in San Francisco is not only her home but also just one of her offices.  You may find her chairing events for The Ballet Auxiliary in San Francisco (association recently raised $800,000 for the Ballet), planning receptions for governors of provinces of foreign countries, scheduling a business trip to China, helping organize clean up campaigns for San Francisco, designing a menu for a black tie event for those near/dear to her, or soliciting funds for humanitarian projects worldwide. Few would imagine that she has time for anything else.  Well Kate is one of the best-kept secrets in the Network Marketing Industry.  From an executive for General Food’s Foodservice Division in Hawaii she took her skills in sales and marketing and retired in 1990 to enter the Network Marketing Industry.  She is one of the ones who has walked the walk and talked the talk.  She has been a very successful distributor and the owner of a network marketing company and currently spends four to six days a week in Orange County (CA) as Director of Finance of one of the fastest growing companies in the industry.  An active member of MLMIA since 1994, she has been a speaker at national conferences as well as doing trainings for numerous Network Marketing Companies. Her dynamic personality makes her a presenter who makes her presentations fun by making her audience part of the event.

Carrol Leclerc
She is the founder of a Canadian business consulting company that provides MLM/Networking services to clients in five countries.  A prominent MLM Executive Business Consultant, she has worked with numerous MLM companies to establish marketing criteria for Canada.  She started as a Distributor, winning awards for sales and recruiting, soon rose to the top.  From Senior Management positions in numerous high profile MLM companies, to Chairman of the Board, Carrol has performed at every level of the MLM industry including expert witness testimony for Law Enforcement Agencies.  Her ability to assess a company’s marketing strategy, evaluate bottom line corporate profits and structuring of new start up companies to defining Distributor needs, have created a high demand for her expertise. Through twenty years of experience, Carrol has recognized the international need to inform consumers and corporate entities of the complexities of MLM regulatory compliances.  Drawing on her resources, she prepared a unique informative volume, “The MLM Compendium of the Canadian Regulatory Compliance”.  The book is an indispensable tool for all serious MLM companies either operating in Canada or contemplating Canadian operations.
Carrol is founder of MLMIA Canada.

Brian Klemmer

Brian Klemmer  is an international consultant, author and speaker whose seminars have been attended by tens of thousands of participants in Japan, Canada, the Philippines, Europe and throughout the United States over the last 20 years. He is truly an entertaining and effective speaker, facilitator and master of group dynamics. A West Point graduate, he has a master’s degree and is a member of the National Speakers Association. Brian is committed to corporations' increased success through the empowerment of their people in a win-win environment.  Brian has produced results in companies such as ITT Sheraton, Hewlett Packard, American Suzuki Motor Corporation, as well as Network Marketing companies. He is more than just a motivational speaker who gets an audience on a temporary high. The key to his effectiveness is the interactive nature of his presentation. His long-standing results are the products of the unforgettable new ways people get to see themselves, their business and life itself.  His latest book, “If how-to’s were enough, We would all be skinny, rich and happy!,” has been a best seller.
D. Jack Smith, Jr.
D. Jack Smith, Jr.  is a graduate of the Harvard School of Law, Cambridge, Massachusetts, 1962.  The firm he heads has offices in Memphis, Tennessee and Washington, D. C.
For over twenty years he has developed a specialty in Multi-Level Marketing law, appearing in courts and negotiations on behalf of Multi-Level Marketing companies in over 35 states and the Federal Trade Commission He has written numerous articles for industry and major publications in the United States, Canada and England on the subject of MLM Law.   Mr. Smith is a founding Board Member and attorney for the Multi-Level Marketing International Association and is a respected speaker at MLMIA Executive Conferences and Expositions.   D. Jack has been a member of the Tennessee House of Representatives and was formerly Chairman of the House Committee on Business.
Gerald P. Nehra
Gerald P. Nehra is a private practice attorney, specifically focused on direct sales and multilevel marketing issues for corporations. The range of law includes federal and state regulations; food, drug, and cosmetics issues; sales and marketing contracts and warrantees; independent contractor issues; advertising and promotion; and business conduct and ethics.  He also handles trademark registrations and has served as an expert witness. He represents U.S. companies, both start-ups and well established, and represents the U.S. interests for companies based in Canada, Europe, and Asia. His over 30 years of legal experience include nine years at Amway Corporation, where he was Director of the Legal Division. Mr. Nehra is a graduate of the Detroit College of Law and is a member of the American Bar Association and the State Bars of Michigan, New York, and Colorado. He has written extensively on MLM legal issues and is often a presenter or speaker at industry seminars and client meetings.