October 10-12, 2000 - Delta Pinnacle Hotel, Vancouver, BC, Canada

CANADA and the UNITED STATES join in bringing you the conference and expo of the year for Network Marketing. In addition to those attending from the sponsoring groups, attendees from England, India, several parts of Asia and Spain are expected.

Every day you read and hear about MLM companies wanting to know more about other companies and countries, Internet infrastructure, eCommerce tools, new software, using or wanting the latest in technology, needing legal advice, products and sales aids and many other things to make their businesses more productive, efficient and profitable.

Once again, MLMIA brings you all of the above in a beautiful setting and gives you the training and product demonstrations to lead your company into the future. Don’t miss this most prestigious collection of the latest services, products and necessities all in one fantastic conference and exhibition. You’ll want to have your firm represented at the Network Marketing industry’s most comprehensive event focused exclusively on helping companies grow.

Reasons To Attend

Keynote speakers

Jim Britt: began his career in the network marketing industry in 1968. His background includes all levels of experience. He has built large distributor organizations and consulted and trained with more than 250 companies. Today, he’s considered one of the leading "scientists" in human behavior and experts in the network marketing industry. Throughout the United States, Canada and Europe, Jim has presented seminars on self-discovery, network marketing and all aspects of human performance to audiences totaling more than 1,000,000 people, over half of which have been network marketers. In addition to his experience in networking, Jim has served as President of Dr. Denis Waitley’s Psychology of Winning, President of Dr. Maxwell Maltz’s Psycho Cybernetics International, and Vice President of Jim Rohn’s Adventures in Achievement. Jim now focuses a great deal of his time on network marketing training, and designing custom training packages for the industry. The remainder of his time he devotes to sharing his "breakthrough technologies" brought forth in his books "Rings of Truth", and "Unleashing Your Authentic Power."

Title: How to Master the Art of Leadership Subtitle: The Art of Inspiring Others to Action By Example

Brian Klemmer: is an international consultant, author and speaker whose seminars have been attended by tens of thousands of participants in Japan, Canada, the Philippines, Europe and throughout the United States over the last 20 years. He is truly an entertaining and effective speaker, facilitator and master of group dynamics. A West Point graduate, he has a master’s degree and is a member of the National Speakers Association. Brian is committed to corporations' increased success through the empowerment of their people in a win-win environment. Brian has produced results in companies such as ITT Sheraton, Hewlett Packard, American Suzuki Motor Corporation, as well as Network Marketing companies. He is more than just a motivational speaker who gets an audience on a temporary high. The key to his effectiveness is the interactive nature of his presentation. His long-standing results are the products of the unforgettable new ways people get to see themselves, their business and life itself. His latest book, "If how-to’s were enough, We would all be skinny, rich and happy!," promises to be a best seller.

Title: The Secret Success Formula of All Champions Topic: How to create results now.

Richard Niehardt: has been the speaker of choice for several Corporate Conferences in the past and is always welcome back. He is an author, educator and speaker. Richard has hammered out and honed his craft in a career spanning 20 years. A seasoned professional, he has delivered over 5000 paid presentations to more than a million people. Richard inspires and motivates people in Network Marketing organizations. He is one of North America’s leading voices on personal potential. He provides real solutions to the real challenges that leaders, direct sales professionals and entrepreneurs face every day. Richard’s clients include many of the world’s leading companies, General Motors, Prudential, Marriott, MCI, New Image, Noevir, Kaire, House of Lloyd and many others. Richards is truly a speaker for our changing times. Up to date yet down to earth, he has been described as dynamic as Zig Ziglar and perceptive as Stephen Covey. He can connect - one on one – in an auditorium filled with thousands. His bold and powerful delivery will touch you. His warmth, with and wisdom has made him a favorite not only with MLMIA audiences but also with people across the continent and around the world.

Title: How To Turn On the Power Within You That Is Greater Than The Challenge Before You.

Conference At a Glance:

Tuesday, Oct 10, 2000, Exhibitors set up beginning at 8 am and are scheduled to open for attendees at 10:30 a.m. A Welcome Luncheon in the area at noon. MLMIA representatives from around the globe will be part of the welcoming ceremonies followed by representations from Industry Canada Regulators and US legal representation. Afternoon sessions concentrate on International Expansion. Don’t miss the evening or the famous Harbor Boat Cruise and fabulous dinner.

Wednesday, the 11th, After breakfast with the exhibitors, attendees will have their choice of workshops, featuring speakers and trainers from all over the world. A working luncheon in the Exhibit area promises time for networking and learning about the latest in products and services from the most experienced providers in our industry. Workshops and panels fill out the afternoon concentrating on Network Marketing and the bottom line, increasing sales and recruiting. A lavish black tie banquet featuring a well-known speaker and top-notch entertainment is planned for the evening.

Thursday, Oct. 13, 2000 is jammed packed. Again breakfast with Exhibitors; special presentations include financial resources, telecommunication developments and E-commerce Technologies ending with a Gala Luncheon. For those staying over, a Complimentary on-site tour of an outstanding fulfillment facility will be provided between 3 and 6 pm.

Delta Pinnacle Hotel
Vancouver, BC

Registration: Confirmation will follow once your registration form is processed. All those registering will be updated continuously by Email on speakers, exhibitors and things of interest…

Fee: Includes entrance to the Expo floor, all seminars, workshops, keynotes, breakfasts, lunches, cruise and banquet.

Special Assistance: If required, call MLMIA US at 949.854.0484 or MLMIA Canada at 604.421.1880 prior to Oct. 5, 2000

Hotel/Room Rates: The stunning Delta Pinnacle Hotel, located at 1128 West Hastings St. - Vancouver, B.C. Fax: 604-298-1128 Phone: 604-684-1128. Attendees should make their own reservations. The guest rooms boast spectacular harbor and city views. MLMIA event rate is just $159.00 Canadian. The very favorable currency exchange rate is about $105.00 USD. Rate guaranteed until September 7, 2000. After September 8, depending on availability.