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Lamar S. Smith
Texas-21st, Republican
                               Example of Congressperson address block
2231 Rayburn HOB

Washington, DC 20515-4321
Phone: (202) 225-4236


Dear Congressman,


I am writing to request that you co-sponsor H.R. 1220 "To prohibit pyramid promotional schemes, and for other purposes."


I work (part time/full time) in Network Marketing (Direct Sales/Multi-Level Marketing). This is a fine business that employs/involves more than 12 million (mostly part time) individuals who sell more than $20 billion dollars of consumer goods and services. The current state of the law needs to be clarified at the Federal level.


We all need protection from pyramid schemes. Currently, enforcement policies of the FTC have placed a cloud over legitimate direct selling businesses by suggesting that “personal use” of products or services by Distributors like me does not have the same legitimacy as the use of a product by a non-distributor.


H.R. 1220 provides the proper balance by outlawing pyramid schemes, while at the same time directing the FTC to adopt rules which provide a clear roadmap for legitimate Network Marketing businesses by recognizing the legitimacy of “personal use” and at the same time requiring important consumer safeguards for Distributors. 


H.R. 1220 will have the power to protect the consumer and legitimate Network Marketing companies who have experienced regulatory problems due to a lack of clarity in our statutes on direct selling. 


Adoption of H.R. 1220 will be good for both the small business person and the consumer.


Again, I ask your support of H.R. 1220.




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