George M. Horioka, CEO, president and founder is responsible for the strategic business growth, worldwide, and is the visionary behind Xsura. Horioka graduated from the University of Redlands, in California. Soon after graduating with his degree in economics and business administration he began his lifelong journey of entrepreneurship. From his first year out of college, Horioka started a small janitorial company that grew to become one of the largest janitorial companies in the United States, eventually having over 600 employees covering several states. In recognition of this, Horioka was invited to lunch at the White House by President Ronald Reagan where he was asked his views and concerns on entrepreneurship in America. In the late 1980s, Horioka became a direct distributor for Amway Corporation. He embraced the concept of people helping people and soon found himself in demand as a speaker and proponent of the free enterprise system, the ability to show people how to start and run their own business, and the simple belief of treating people fairly. His network marketing experience lead him to dream of one day creating a company that would take all his entrepreneurial experiences, his innovative abilities, and his love of free enterprise to create a concept that would embrace the hands-on lessons he had learned while building several multi-million-dollar enterprises. Along the way Horioka has been interviewed and featured in national media, magazines such as Success Magazine, Entrepreneur Magazine, and Wealth Secrets. Horioka has been a featured speaker numerous times on Free Enterprise. He is also a past member of the prestigious Young Presidents Organization, Inc. (YPO).