Doris Wood is probably one of the most highly recognized authorities in the world on direct sales/multi-level marketing. Her love of, expertise in and dedication to the industry is based on over 50 years of successful, practical, hands-on experience. Called “The Consultant’s Consultant,” she is the speaker, author, trainer and consultant of choice by startup ventures and established MLM companies alike around the globe. Wood has a unique and broad background in direct sales (party plan) and multi-level (network) marketing, including just about every field, staff and corporate-level position known in the industry. In the spirit of a true entrepreneur, she co-founded two MLM companies. One, AloEssence Cosmetics, enjoyed, in 1976 (before fax on demand, conference calls, low long-distance rates and the Internet, etc.), over 50,000 distributors in two countries. Since 1985 she has served as president (chairman) and executive director (president, CEO) of the Multi-Level Marketing International Association (MLMIA), the highly respected industry trade organization she co-founded representing all MLM companies, suppliers and distributors worldwide. She is a mentor to many. Wood holds many awards, among them the MLMIA Hall of Fame (1989), the International Hall of Fame (2000), the Industry Icon Award (2001) and The Power of 50 (2008 and 2009) and the 30 Most Powerful Women in Direct Selling (2010). Her proudest achievement is her family and MLMIA. Today, in addition to heading the Association, Wood is a lifetime board member and president emeritus of MLMIA.